thyroxine tablets, for under active thyroid.

Medical question. I have an under active thyroid, I need to get on prescription, is it easy enough to get them here . I don't pay for them in England, believe I've been told will have to pay for them here. Will I be able to get them easily enough here I do have a copy of the prescription with me.  Hope someone will have some advice please. I know I can go to mosta clinic but will I have to go an see the doctor first,
even though I have a copy of prescription.
Is there a set price for prescription per item.
Thanks. Pauline

No ! You go to the doctor, get the prescription and pay at the pharmacy ( unless you qualify for exempts).


Ok thanks. Well I am exempt in England. But just don't know if in Malta I will have to pay .but thank you

I have been here since October 2014  i too have an underactive thyroid. If you have a prescription just go to a pharmacy and they cost around €2.80 p.pkt of 30 50mg. When your prescription expires you can either go to a private Dr or local clinic - they may send you for a blood test to check, but will easily give you a prescription. My thyroid is unstable & I have had 3 blood tests since last August - I go to Gzira health centre (its free) & can't fault them. You have to hang about sometimes, but it was like that in the UK!
Hope that helps!

Thank you for the information thanks .

Hi, my reply may be a bit late and you are probably sorted by now, I buy Thyroxine for about €1.50 a pack of 50 mcg (30 tabs) without a prescription, some places look for one, some don't. 25mcg is about double that, not sure why :)

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