Any interesting activities to do in Cairo?

Hi all my dear friends,

Iam looking for a new activities to do , any suggestions like kind of sport or salsa dance or anything.

Thanks ,

Hello there Heba7400,

In which city/region are you looking for activities ?



where do you live in Cairo?

Hello Heba ,
check this dancing school in maadi they are offering a new class with different latin dances

regards ,
Sherif Tadros

Hi Heba
Actuallly there is much to do but it depends on what type of person you are:

Local Music parties:
- there are so much places to go for very stylish parties such as Cairo Jazz Club, but the more prestigious the place is the more strictly the house rules such as "Couples Only", if you want a list with more places of this type let me know.

Learning Music:
- there are places where you can learn Piano or any other instrument you like, which is something nice if you like music such as the Russian Cultural center in Dokki and there is another place in Mohandiseen if you want to know more let me know.

Learning dancing:
- there are places to take classes of Salas as you indicated in your post or other kind such as Zumba or even belly dancing such as Samia Alloba center.

- this is my favorite as i love sports, you can learn boxing for example, there are cool places for that to and the trainers are foreigners.


Thabks for advice, sometimes I dance

Hi Heba,
You can visit cairo museum

I like dancing but I'm not good at it :) I guess that's because I never had the right dance partner before
if you are interested we can check in any coming dance party together in any nice place we agree upon, what do you think?

There is an interesting Zumba event in sheikh Zayed, Giza

good one, thx

i did suggest jugging and Bachata dancing and musical activities , culture exchange and language  exchange but it seems that everybody live to work not work to live

Hello Heba

If you are free, and still looking for activities, Would you accept to be my guide during my visit to Cairo , toward the end of December 2017.
I'm sure we can do a lot of entersting things to gother

If yes, please reply to this Message.

Hope to hear back from you

Take care


Check Cairo360 website. They regularly suggest events and activities.

Hello all, I am Asu7s. I am spending my  vacation in Cairo and I would love to meet new friends to soend my time with and get to know more about the egyptian culture.
Please don't hesitate to hit me uo, i looove meeting new people from all sorts.  ***

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What about BachatA dancing?

Hi Heba,
Befit in maadi or new Cairo is a nice place for some activities, something different and new.
Or you can get different options for dancing classes, also some places in Maadi and new Cairo

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