Looking for a part time work in hanoi

I am studying fashion design in Hanoi and looking for a part time job.
I have more than 10 years job experience in trade, marketing, tourism,..
The problem is that the valid jobs are usually teaching English, but I prefer a job which suites my career background.

Hello Leily,

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I recommend you drop a detailed advert in the Jobs in Hanoi section of the website as well as the Work in Hanoi article of the expat guide. You will find some useful links at the bottom of the page.

All the best

thanks a lot for the suggestion:))

Your work experience is actually quite good for several ESP (English for Specific Purposes) slots that I've seen advertised in the past. 

Fashion Design:  London College for Design and Fashion

Hospitality:  CitySmart

Here's some information I grabbed form a CitySmart ad that's currently being ran elsewhere:  This is a contracted expatriate part-time trainer for single classes. Multiple classes are available for someone with a diversified background in hospitality. You must have 3-years relevant management experience in hospitality and a bachelor's degree. Class materials have been prepared in advance. Each contract is for 50-hours to be delivered 2 hours per session, 2 sessions per week beginning the second week of March. There is a final assessment required. Non-native English speakers may be considered if they have a C1 qualification. Vietnamese nationals will be considered if they have overseas industry experience. Trainers must be residing in Hanoi, no relocation packages are available for these positions.

If you're willing to take on private classes/students then you may want to consider advertising here, as well as the other websites.  PM me if you're not familiar with them all, as I'm sure the mods wouldn't like me posting the links here.

Thanks for the useful infos, I will check the website and get back to you if I need some help :)

Hi Leily Gh

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