Looking for IGCSE/IB schools in Bangalore

Hi Folks,

So we are moving to Bangalore in a few months. Could you please help in choosing a good school here. I have a 11 & 7 year old, currently attending an IB/IPC British school.
The choice of schools in Bangalore is vast & all of them look impressive from the first look. I am a bit apprehensive about what they really do though!
I have read a few reviews , looks like they all charge exorbitant fees but the quality dosn't stand up to mark.

So we have checked Greenwood, Trio , Aditi Mallya. Anymore suggestions would be welcome. Not looking for overpriced schools. But schools which have a balanced attitude.

Many thanks

Hi! We hv the same situation like you had. Did you find any good school ?

Try legacy school bangalore. My kids went there.

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