where to buy a decent quality moto helmet

Does anyone have experience shopping for moto helmets in Phnom Penh?  I am about to depart for my big trip there, and am deciding whether to bring my good Bell helmet with me or leave it in the hope that I can get a good helmet not too pricey there.  Of course I know there are helmets for sale there, but I have also read that many do not meet any real safety standards. I'd rather leave it home if I can, but want a decent safe one once I am there.  Any suggestions where I can find one?

There are plenty of shops that sell Japanese brand helmets around Monivong, Mao Tse Toung etc. I got mine for $45, but usually they're more expensive (maybe around $60).

thanks JanKrohn ... not having any responses, I found one at one of the shops near the Russian Market already.  Oh, but maybe you have another bit of advice for me - I was given an older moto by a friend, which is great, but it needs a little mechanical attention.  I live near the Russian Market - any suggestions on a decent mechanic to have a look at it?

No, sorry... I always bring my moto to the place where I bought it, and I'm quite positive that they wouldn't fix any machine that they've not sold.

There are plenty of shops in PP that sell helmets and other motorbike accessories.

I know its a pain to carry a helmet while traveling but its better than paying $50 ( at the very least ) for a helmet and then having to carry it back, leaving it or re-selling it for $10.

So id just bring my helmet along as carry-on luggage.

Good luck.

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