Cats in cabin whilst flying into Dublin


My husband and I are from Malta and we'll be moving to Ireland with our two cats in the coming months.

We are presently looking for an airline that would allow us to take our cats with us in the cabin. We are too scared to leave them in the cargo area. We called Lufthansa in Ireland and were told that we could only send them through cargo. They use Pet Air.

I would really appreciate any information regarding airlines that travel to Dublin airport and accepts cats in the cabin. Please!!!!!

Thank you so much!

Air France might be a good choice ;) Though Luftansa's website clearly states that pets ARE allowed in the cabin.  Not sure why they would tell you it is not.

A useful site you might refer too is:, they summarize and link to airline pet policies.

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Dear Romaniac

Thank you so much for your reply and suggestions. I really do appreciate

Unfortunately Air France Ireland told us the same thing. The Irish government issued these rules and no airline can carry pets in the cabin whilst travelling into Ireland. Same applies to the UK.

This is terrible news. What a dilemma.

Don't know what you ended up doing, but we've shipped dogs twice via Aer Lingus to and from the US. They were fine both times, although we worried a lot. The cargo hold they put animals in is pressurized. Also, Aer Lingus' policy is to not mix species. In other words, if someone had booked our flight with a cat we would have had to send our dog on another flight.
I hope you and Ms/Mr. Cat got to Ireland safely and happily.

One option is to fly into Paris (in the cabin), rent a car, and then drive north and take the ferry (which I believe goes into Cork). There are kennels for dogs and "Cat boxes" for cats, and they ride there for the trip into the country.  A lot safer than in cargo of a plane, but a lot more hassle.

Irish Ferries operate regular sea ferries throughout the year to Rosslare Port in South East Ireland & also directly to Dublin.Google - Irish Ferries ,for sailing times etc etc.

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