job market for expats

Any chance you can tell me what the job market is like for expats/foreigners? I wish to  move to Sverige in the spring. I am a American white male. How hard can it be I figure.

Well, the first question is do you know Swedish? If not, it is very difficult to find a job, at least in Southern Sweden. If you have some sort of hard to find skills, then that is a different story. I was told by the unemployment office here in Southern Sweden 40% of the people living there work in Denmark or Norway. So my suggestion is to learn as much Swedish as possible, before you get here. I hope I helped!

Its hard but not impossible! Depends à lot on which area you are specialized in!

It depends on what kind of work you do. Are you fluent in Swedish language? Do you have higher education? A place to live secured? If you can work in a social service or teaching, doctor or nursing capacity, your chances are high. If you work in IT the market is a roller coaster. Whatever you do, do NOT come without a job and housing lined up. You will hit all sorts of bureaucratic hoops and loops. I have been here eight months, have a degree and am authorized to work in my field but have been tasked with mandatory language and societal orientation courses BEFORE I get a job. A person can get by just fine with English if you can secure a position first.

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