Looking to build network on or around the University of Birmingham.


Is anybody out there studying at the University of Birmingham?

I will be starting my PhD in the History Department in the Fall 2016 and am looking to get in and settled.

But first things first.

Tell me about you.

Hi luck with that, I would ask for the exam papers, but you would never give them would you, im in Torquay.

That's the main link, and you can try the Students union,

That's a link for personals in Birmingham, not sure is they what your looking for but hope it helps, leona

Hi Leona,

Unfortunately the addresses don't appear but thanks for your reply.

Are in the History Department as well?

How do you like the campus?

Nice to meet someone who goes to U of B.

-second finger


hope you got settled with all things. if you have questions, feel free to ask.

all the best for you
unfortunately i am not in the university but i would like to be there

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