Pre-primary and primary schools in Tamarin/Black River

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We are moving to Mauritius in July and are exploring schooling options for our children. I would really appreciate some feedback on any good schools in the Tamarin/Black River area. Any Tiny Tots/ Telfair moms out there? Have heard this is a good school and would love some feedback from anyone who has experienced it first hand.

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I am not a mom but my older girl is going to Telfair (Class 1) after going to Tiny Tots since she was 6 months old, and my younger girl has been going to Tiny Tots for a year or so.

We are very happy with both, it is a small school focused on the kids. On the downside, fees tend to increase quite often (and faster than inflation).

Thank you so much for the reply ijulien. I am thrilled to receive positive feedback on Tiny Tots and Telfair. One more thing, what are the facilities like there? Thanks again for your help 😀

The facilities are great and well maintained. They have one playground for Tiny Tots and two playgrounds (age dependent) for Telfair. It is also well secured.

I am not worried at all to leave my children there :)

Another school kids from the area go to is Westcoast international primary school. My daughter is 3.5 yrs and I have chosen this school for her. I personally like the facilities better. It is an IPC school, you can read more about IPC here

Also, they have just opened the high school.

However,  I cannot tell you the experience there since she will start in 2 yrs time.

School's website:

My daughter is currently at "la case des bambins", and she is very happy there. Only downside is that they have lots of holidays.

There is also Paul and Virginie which is a good school for children.

Hi guys,
My daughter is 5,she goes to kindergarten in India.we may shift to mauritius sumtym in Jan.  Can u Pls help me as to wic grade will dey admit her in Jan 2018.Also, how r d govt schools in mauritius. R expats admitted Dere??

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