Legitimate and affordable immigration lawyer in Kiev?


I was born in Odessa in 1972 when it was still the Soviet Union. My family relocated to the U.S. in 1976.

I am currently a naturalized U.S. citizen.

I would like to obtain a permanent residence permit in Ukraine.

I was working with a firm called Eurovektor in Odessa, and they charged me an advance while making promises that they would be able to get an extension to my 90 day stay in the Ukraine while they seek a permanent residence permit.

Long-story-short, when it was time to get an extension to prolong my visit, they changed their story and said they can't do it.

I'm currently in Moldova, and am looking for a lawyer in Kiev who can help me with this issue.

Any recommendations?

Thank you!

Hi. You should be able to get residence by origin. How did your lawyers from Odesa explaine their fail?

Well, as for extending my stay beyond 90 days, they said the following:

"In Ukrainian migration legislation there is a list of stay prolongation grounds which includes special grounds (illness, acts of god, war etc) and general grounds. When we were talking with you about the prolongation of your stay in Ukraine, migration service clerks were prolonging the stay of foreigners on aforementioned general grounds. Now they simply refuse to do so (they prolong the stay of foreigners only based on special grounds)."


Honestly, I thought this will all be easier for me since I was born in the Ukraine. Even my U.S. Passport states that my country of birth is Ukraine.

It's confusing

I see. More info is needed to understand your case. So the lawyers actually can continue getting residency for your but you had to departure from Ukraine. Am I right?

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Did you talk to the people at the Ukrainian Embassy in Moldova?  When I did my paperwork my wife called them and they were very helpful and I was able to get my Visa D and eventually my permanent residence in Ukraine.  But as an American Citizen, I found the Embassy of Ukraine was very nice and polite to us.   Granted it was years ago, but it is far easier going through them than going all the way back home to the states.  I will send you message to advise you.

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