US Dollar and Petrobras shares almost neck and neck
Well for those who've been watching shares of Petrobras have dropped to their lowest point in the last 12 years, closing today at R$4,47 (low R$4,36).

Meanwhile the US Dollar reached its all-time historical high closing at R$4,16.

If the current downward trend of Petrobras shares continues I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the value of the greenback surpass that of a share of Petrobras in the next few days. The roller coaster ride is far from over.

James Experts Team

Two years ago .I said the US dollar would be by the end of 2015  4 to 1to the real ! I also said  a year ago that by the end of 2016 the US dollar would be 5 to 1 to the real!!!!! I just wish I could predict the future of the US economy ahead of time !  It's funny how many people said I was crazy !!!!!!!!!  :)

Actually "How many people said you were crazy"?

What will the price of oil be in three months, six months and one year?

What are the ten best oil stocks to buy?   What are the ten worst oil stocks to buy?

Thanks and have  great day!!!


As incredible as it may seem buying Petrobras shares right now is probably a great long-term investment, especially for Americans and Europeans. With the value of each Petrobras share being nearly $1 USD one can purchase one hell of a lot more shares than they could have ever dreamed of a couple of years ago.

Regardless of the present situation this country, whatever political party is in power, will never let Petrobras fail. Eventually the company will recuperate. World oil prices have always been cyclical and right now, if truth be told, they're probably artificially low. Once the cycle takes the upturn that is inevitable those shares of Petrobras that you purchased for a US greenback will once again increase. I would almost bet that they'll maybe even return to near the historical highs they once had.

I'm not alone in this belief either. All of the Petrobras employees that I know are buying up as many shares as they can lay their hands on. Surely they know something that we may not know, or just don't see.

James Experts Team

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