Documents required to visit to Malaysia

I have accepted a job offer in KL and sent them copies of passport, degrees, cv and photos.

They are now asking me to purchase the ticket and be ready to join next month.

My question is what documents i need to travel to MY. I am currently in Saudi Arabia and have Pakistani passport.

Will my employer obtain DP10 visa for me and send this to me by email. I print this and travel to Malaysia without any further visa/document/medical checkup etc? like in Bahrain and UAE?

I dont wanna end up purchasing a return ticket from KL

Ofcourse I will clarify this from my employer too but the concerned person was out of office. And  I want to confirm this from u guys too.

I would question why they want you to pay for your ticket and if you will be repaid the money.
If you travel there without the correct documentation then this will cause you grief.

Hey, they will repay me the ticket price once I am there. I will wait for any documents from them and will ask the proper procedure after that.

But I just want to know other people's guidance too about the process.

You should first visit the Malaysia Embassy website to see what you need for being Pakistani. The visa-entry requirements are there in the Consular section.

But it makes no sense. If you are actually employed you would have a visa from the government. You would have been instructed to go to the Malaysian Embassy in your country to have the visa installed in your passport. DO NOT simply show up in the country expecting to work without that pass, you may have to go back and start all over.

The problem is I am not going back to my home country. I am travelling directly from Riyadh to Malaysia.

Based on internet search, I have found that, first a Malaysian company needs approval from the Government to hire exapts, then they get a landing pass and send it to the employer, the employer then lands in Malaysia and goes for medical etc and then finally gets work permit on his passport inside Malaysia.

I just wanted to confirm this.

Since you asked me to reply I am but I am not really sure as your situation is different than mine. I believe your company should be giving you the visa in the form of DP 10 if they want to employ you. That visa is taken to the embassy in your country through an agent which then stamps your passport , you get your actual visa stamped when you are physically in Malaysia. This is how I got mine done, as for the ticket I was not offered any, but if you are being offered ticket the company then they should send it to you before hand.

HI to the owner,

Congratulations that you were given an offer, may I know what kind of company hired you?

I received also an offer from KL before but until now no updates.

I am still visiting Malaysia on March for less than a week.

I hope I can hear updates form you.

So your work is only until last month. I am also working here in Eastern Province in KSA.

Johnpascual many thanks!
My area of working is in structural design of buildings. My employer is still processing my visa application and I have checked from him about the process which he clearly explained to me.

There are 2 ways after your employer in Malaysia files an application to hire you as an expat;

1. You take your passport and reach ML, after which they stamp the work permit on your passport. This is good for people from countries who do no require a visa to enter ML.

2. If you are from a country that requires a visa, then there are two more cases;

a. You arrange for a visit visa and reach ML and get work permit there. or
b. Wait for all the process from your employer to get a work pass for you, send it to you in your home country or any other country where are you residing, then you go to local Malaysian embassy and get your passport stamped to enter ML. Then once you are in ML they stamp the actual work permit on your passport.

In all the cases work permit is stamped on your passport once your are in ML yourself.

Hey brother any updates are you in Malaysia now?

What are uou applying for in going to malaysia? Working or visit? Are you a filipino?

Ooops ur applying for a visit visa isnt it?   If just for a tourist no visa require. Upon entering malaysia then they will stamp a visit visa on your passport, for 30 days.

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