:/ We just arrived and need to open up a Thai savings bank account so that we can transfer the funds from our US account in order to go through the process of getting a retirement visa.   Tried 4 banks, 3 of which told us we need work visas and said they would not deal with US banks.   The 4th said they would do it but I need to be sure that I can transfer funds into the account from the US as well as transfer back to the US account if we need to.

Since your from US open account with Bangkok Bank because they have a New York branch making it very easy to transfer funds to Thailand.  Have your US source transfer funds to Bangkok Bank New York branch using ACH and bank account number of Bangkok Bank branch in Thailand.  New York will send to proper BB in Thailand using  your account number (first three digits are branch in Thailand).

After transfer complete always obtain copy of transfer order from your BB branch in Thailand and retain.  Very useful if you want to transfer money back to US.

Thanks for the reply.  This is the way we will go. 

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I use Bangkok Bank an agency in Hang Dong Chiang Mai near Hang Dong market.
The system explained previously is easy to use ( explanations can be found in Bangkok Bank website ). … omUSA.aspx

PS : note that it is one way, not possible to send money back through them.

I did use the same but with their branch in London ), the advantage I can see is the money is wired very quick, and the trasfer is seen as a local tansfer between 2 UK banks ( i can transfer higher amount and no need to justify anything ) , in my case I can choose THB or GBP, always choose your local currency, for you it will be USD, and exchange rate will be the TT rate in Thailand available also in the website of Bangkok Bank here : … Rates.aspx

Thanks so much for your advice.   I really appreciate it.

I use Kasikorn Bank in Korat.All I needed was my passport.I have my Social Security go to  I can use any ATM and Schwab reimburses me all fees.It works for me.

hi ...I would to open an bank acc on Bangkok bank ,,,what question should I expect and if I would have the online service what paper work should I bring with me ,,,,any help please in this matter ,,thank you

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