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Hello! Can somebody give me advice where should I extend my visa for the 2nd time. Other agencies cost a lot. They asked me too much. My first extension was around $50 only. If there is no agency who offers cheap price, how can I extend my visa on my own? I heard that the stamp fee is only $10, and foreigners can extend thier visa 3x now. What are the steps should I follow if I extend my visa on my own? Thanks and Have a great day everyone!

Sure you can do it yourself, its easy. All you need to do is fill out a:

        Mẫu (Form) NA5
        Ban hành kèm theo thông  tư  số 04 /2015/TT-BCA                                                                                   ngày 05 tháng  01 năm  2015

get it signed by your VN sponsor and the local head cop where you live and turn that and your Passport into Immigrations in Hanoi. You should get it back in about 7 days. The cost will be 210,000VND. Piece of cake...

hi! i'm in hanoi now. is it same? and 2nd time extension is ok?

That I'm not sure, I live down in the delta. The forms the same, but the 2nd/3rd Ext?? Also I think Hanoi asks for a few visa pictures and proof of sponsorship, they don't down here in Hau Giang.

thanks. i think i'll just go laos or cambodia

indeed the fee is only ten us dollars

I came in Vietnam with free entry visa and wanna extend my time here for few days as well  . Vietnamese sponsors as in a company or any Vietnamese ?

It may depend on the type of Visa you have. If you have a 15 day visa exemption you cannot renew it at all, you'll need to leave the country for 30 days before returning.
If you have a 3 month tourist visa it can be a bit hit and miss on whether you can extend (the rules seem to change every week here) due to clamp down on illegal workers.
Why not contact the local embassy from your home country who should have all the latest information.

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