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Hi there, I'm hoping to join the ranks as an English teacher in Hanoi and am currently looking for work.
I do not hold a degree or a tesol certificate currently so I am taking a week to look into whether I can find work without it, because otherwise I would apply for the trinity course which would mean flying out of the country.
So my question really at this point is, does anyone have any idea where I can find full time work as a native speaker without these qualifications?
I am contacting people myself of course but I'm posting this as an extra outlet to you guys as you might know of a school or organisation that is looking for someone.

Thanks for reading my essay of a message!!


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The most I can do is to wish you luck.
As a native speaker, you might stand a chance but you're going to have to look long, and heard and will probably have to accept lower than average wages starting

Hello Lucy,

If you want a job as English teacher (teach children), please contact me via ** for our discussion.

You are welcome!


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Hi Nguyen > if you have a job offer, please post an ad in the job in Hanoi section. Click on "Post your job offer".
Thank you.

There are a number of schools/language centers in Hanoi that are always looking for English Teachers but I cannot specifically recommend any.
It's clear from your opening post you know what the Business Visa requirements are so please keep in mind that a lot of the school/language centers who might hire you right now could well be operating illegally and it is not uncommon for wages to be delayed or just not paid, which leaves you with no legal remedy to get what is owed to you.

There are so many English centers in hanoi are looking for native teachers with high salary. Besides that, you can be tutor at home for children. Their parents pay a lot of money seeking for a good  English tutor. In case of the children are very bad in English you should know a little bit of Vietnamese.

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