Looking for friends for 9 and 14yr old daughters, and self in Zejtun

We moved from Seattle, WA USA in October and have settled in Zejtun. My daughters do online homeschool for now and would love to connect with other kids their age. My 9yr old is very outgoing and into Legos, dolls, animals and anything crafty. My 14yr old is quiet and shy, into art, photography, animals and fashion. I have a car and a flexible schedule and am happy to travel to meet friends. Maybe we could try bowling, the huge park in Marsascala, or I could host a simple craft, cookie making, or activity (to make it less akward) at our place. I'm open to ideas and any suggestions for youth programs, sports or activities.
Thanks for any help! :)

I have a 8 y.o. son and we do own few thousand LEGO bricks, so maybe a connection in that :)

That's nice! Maybe we should have a Lego challenge meet up.

Waow notholly what a change! From Usa to tiny Malta.  How are y doing? Thinking of doing the same.


Welcome to Malta. I have an 11 year old daughter who goes to the Zejtun secondary school. We live in Marsascala and have been in Malta four 11 months. My little one likes Lego (although we haven't got a great deal as we gave it away before moving) she plays with dolls, watches movies, iPad, DS, loves going out on her bike and once Spring is here I will have a hard job keeping her out of the sea!
I work from home so my schedule is flexible so if you want to meet up for a coffee sometime we can see what happens.


That would be great! You just described my 9 yr old, she'd love to get together. I'll message you my info. :)

It's been an adventure! Malta is lovely, if you decide to move let me know, I'm happy to help you navigate (as best I can). :)

Hello, we are relocating to Marsascala from Edinburgh on the 7th of August and have a 9 year old daughter (10 in November) and 2 year old son.  Our little girl sounds just like yours she loves Lego (but we are leaving most of it here) arts and crafts, dolls, outside play and all the other usual stuff, she's bright and bubbly however shes getting a little nervous now about the move and making new friends, if any of you are free in the next few weeks and would like to meet up let us know.

Tell her not to be nervous she will love it. Mine daughter almost lives at the beach at St Thomas in Marsascala during the summer so we could meet down there. We go back to the UK for a week on the 10th August so will have to arrange a meet up either before we go or when we get back.

That would be great! We will be living not far from St Thomas let us know when suits :-)

Great. Once you here I give you my Malta number so we can arrange something.

Perfect  :)

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