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Hi everyone,

I'm hoping someone on here can give me some direction

I have heard that Ethiopia is home to a bubbling start-up scene, and that there is a lot of Chinese investment going into the land; I have a good understanding of the Chinese culture, can speak Mandarin, and have experience in helping tech start-ups grow. I also have a degree in Chinese with Business and Management.

I would love to come to Ethiopia and take part in the action. If I came over, do you think there are opportunities for me? If so, how can I make this happen?

I'd really really appreciate any help that anyone can offer me :-)

Many thanks

Chris x

Yea bro, there is alot of Chinese activities in ethiopia they even have there own city, you just have to network with them and get in there circle its kind of hard because most Ethiopians dont speak there language, but i guess thats not a problem for you, what kind of start ups are thinking about, im going down there next month to start my business. Im from the usa, but go down to ethiopia very often.

Hi there
    you stand a good opportunity here as previously written you need to come here and network with the local Chinese, Not that hard they hang out in certain hotels clubs and restaurants, you speak mandarin which makes things a lot lot easier,,,,,, I have some chinese partners will try to hook you up

The blue bird hotel in Addis is currently entirely booked by a Chinese group a good place to meet and get contacts.

I graduated in industrial engineering and I want to apply any job position related with my field.

Hello everyone,

If you are looking for a job, please drop an advert in the jobs section which is indeed dedicated to bring more exposure to your search.

Here is the direct link :

All the best

My name is Mohammed and I own different businesses in Ethiopia. 
yes it is true that Ethiopia is the best place for startups;***

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As a foreigner, don't create a startup together with Ethiopians, I heard stories and experienced myself that it's usually a way for your Ethiopian partner(s) to take your money, and then run. They will try to exploit you in any way possible. Usually.

If you want to work here in a more stable environment, try to join an Ethiopian university, especially the new universities are looking for expat staff; your salary will be in USD and tax free.

Hello everyone,

@simienfox > thank you your post but you should please avoid generalize comment. Please do not hesitate to share any information on how to start a startup. :)

As said before as a foreigner you need at least 150000usd to start your own startup.  If you don't have that,  you'll have to put capital in a PLC with other Ethiopians. 

You could also join an already existing company  as employee,  but don't expect a salary like in your own country,  it won't be more than 20000 birr per month and likely not even more than 10000. And it will be very hard to convert any birr that you make in Ethiopia to Dollars.

Dear Simien fox

you are advising people from what you have heard but not from what you know or not from what you witnessed yourself. your first comment that you put Every Ethiopian as robbers who are eager to snatch foreigners; this shows that you don't know how many foreigners are contacting the local business people for partnership. this shows you don't know the present day Ethiopia and the business opportunities here. if you were a professional you couldn't have given such a generalized advise; that is wrong for any nation not only for Ethiopia.
with your second comment you are again giving a wrong information about the capital required for foreigners to do business in Ethiopia, you didn't even ask the sector of the business he needs to engaged in.

Thanks to our forefathers who fought against the colonizer that gave today's Ethiopian youth to live in a free nation and to take their fair share of the business opportunities in Ethiopia.

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Ok thanks

hello Chris,

yes in ethiopia is a Kind of "boom" but be carefull

1. enterprener ship as we know it is not recognissed by most goverment offices, thez want investors!!! thez want big dollars to come in first.

2. zou need a investment licience which requieres 200.000 USD first in a blocked bank account, if zou want to run zour business 100% on your own.
Jointventure 150.000 USD

3. Some business fields are not open for NON ethiopians, for excample bars and restaurants, transport etc

4. information you get from government homepages / forget them fast, often old and laws have changed or just promissing, on the ground often a different storry


Is it possible for a non-Ethiopian to make a small investment with partners and take shares in a smaller company, much less than $150,000?

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