expats in Fanno area of Marche


I am moving to Italy in August and would like to hear from anyone in the Fanno area. My goal is to stay in Italy at least a year or longer.

I have relatives in Rome but would like to try the Adriatic coast.

I am a retired college professor and a Painter from New York state.

Speak a little Italian and would be interested in lanugage classes also any tips on  getting a car.

Presently I live in baja La Paz so I am used to living overseas,



I am very familiar with Fano and recommend it highly. While i do not live there year round I visit it yearly. I have family in this city/region. For a rather small city by American standards it offers a lot. There is a vibrant arts community. I speak the most rudimentary Italian so I limit myself to music/art but there is an abundance. While it does have the beach it is certainly not the primary draw for me. My husband speaks no Italian and loves the area as well.
If you like hiking, trekking as it is called there are a couple of groups that organize moderate walks in the area. this has been a great way for us to make new friends.
Aside from the usual superlatives on food we find that there is a growing organic/local food consciousness. in fact there are a few Biologic restaurants in Fano.
Rental housing is moderately priced and varied as to amenities. You can get by without a car. there is a local bike and soon i imagine uber sharing option for you.
Best of all the people are friendly, honest with middle class values. You will find people a bit reserved but only express you keen interest in Fano/Le Marche and you will find them remarkably helpful.
Good luck with you exploration.

We will be there starting September for at least a month.

Carol Montesi

Dear Carol,
Than you for your reply. Its great to know there are folks like you who are willing to lend a hand. I am so looking forward to coming to Italy. I hope to stay there, at least 11  months of the year, and wan to make it a permanent home. I fell in love with Italy in 2007 when I had a residency in Monte Castello di Vibio in Umbria.  MY mother's family are Italian and I still have two cousins left in Rome.
My Italian is also rudimentary but I am practicing. 

I am single, so  a small apartment would work for me. But I am a painter so I have to consider a space to work when I am not painting outdoors.

Oops I sent that too fast. I will be in Civita castellano for the month of August and then I thought I would travel to Fanno and check it out. Is it difficult to get there. I wont have a car.  Is there a hostel in town or reasonable places to stay?  I'll have to do my homework.
If you are there in September I would love to meet, and  have a coffee, and discuss the area.

Ciao for now,
Arnold Levine

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