girlfriend is pregnant. no medical insurance.

Hey everyone.
My name is Scott and my fiancé is pregnant. I am American and my fiancé is Dominican. She does not have health insurance. We just started the K1 visa process several days before the pregnancy news. It is clear to us that she may not receive the visa before the due date. Also to get her covered on my insurance is unlikely due to a pre existing condition. I am not very familiar with the medical system in the DR. Any serious info, advice or suggestions are welcome

Welcome to the forums.  She will not get any  insurance coverage here now.  In addition, in case she is looking for work,  no one will hire her now that she is pregnant.

2 systems of health care - public and private.   Public sucks and Private you will not have to pay for. Ask her to get cost estimates upfront. AND FYI  doctors love to do cesareans here. Its all about the money.

Ok thank you planner

You are very welcome.  Sorry I cannot be of more help -not gone thru this one!

Do you think she can get help at the  Free Medical Clinic at Monkey Jungle in Sosua?

You are between a rock and a hard place.

No Monkey jungle will not handle pregnant women.

Bob K

Maybe they can refer her some where that will help her.  I wonder what happens when she goes into labour?  Do they just home birth?

They will recommend the local public hospital. 

If you are willing to and or going to pay out of pocket (and as a gringo it will cost you) then check at Bornigal Hospital in PP

Again most deliveries here are via C-section.

Bob K

The last I heard  a c section cost  30,000 RD  for the clinic.  That was about  4 years ago and that is about  US 600.  Would not include doctor fee,  meds or anything else.  She was there 24 hours and then sent home which is probably a good thing.  Hope that might help. And that was in Puerto Plata.

Why does private not cost anything? Was that a typo planner?

NO idea what you are referring to Dreamtime.

Hmmmmm, Planner, you are too young to get senior moments. You posted that the public heath care here sucks. ( which it doesn't) it just
isn't as good as private.
You then said private you don't have to pay for.

Sorry its a typo  PRIVATE YOU PAY!   Yikes, that was not good. I had to read it 3 times to see it.

Getting old just sucks :D

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Hey Bob you lookin for trouble............!!!!

no but getting older certainly beats the alternative :D

Bob K

Sooooo true! Clearly beats the alternative hands down.

For once, I agree with both of you, Bob & Planner.

SRE8719, or whatever....
So, are you doing the right thing, or what???

My goal in life is to live forever.......
So far it's working.

Sorry. Out of topic.

Just a tad Stan, but I agree.

Firstly, if your fiance is Dominican and she is here in DR she should know what to do.  It's an everyday occurrence.  My Mother-in-law delivered 16 children naturally at home by herself including one set of twins here in the good old DR.  Surely she can seek an older lady that will help deliver the baby the old fashioned way.  Have the hospital as a backup plan and public care is free for her and it's sometimes better than the private care.  I don't see the problem...

She may qualify for SENASA. This is the national free health insurance. What area are you located? PM me for further detail and comms

This thread is a bit old but your advice applies.

SENASA has recently expanded its coverage again I believe - good point BBOHDR.

Yes! Healthcare has changed dramatically. We work with the Director of a hospital. If anyone (Dominican) needs assistance setting up SENASA just let me know

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