New member will visit Veliko Tarnovo

hi, my name is andy,iam planning to visit veliko tarnovo in the next 3 months to look at property.Iam 56,i make furniture,so I will need somewhere where I can set up a workshop.I have looked at the info online about the area,and iam really looking forward to visiting.It would be great to meet some brits while iam visiting.

Hi Andy, a furniture maker is always a welcome member ha-ha, good luck with your prospective visit, I am near 100% certain you'll find a house with an adequate workshop space not seen a village style house yet to not have any out-buildings, you should be pleasantly surprised?
Cheers Steve.
(I have posted a meet and greet for all members interested for next month in Sofia, look out for the posting and if you are around on this date I'll see you at the bar! :))

Hi Andy,,,best of luck on your trip here,,plenty of timber here for your projects,,haha,,,i have a place just advertised that might interest you,in Vinograd,,,,& any info just ask,ok,,,,regards eddie

hi Steve,thanks for responding to my intro.So many questions.iam visiting for a week in mar/apr,not sure yet,would be better to let the weather warm up a bit.ive listed 20 odd properties to have a look at,so im really looking forward to getting over and having a good look around.

hi Eddie,coming over in mar/apr.would like info on place you have.

Hi Andy,,will give you info via private message,not permitted to make it public(rules) ok,,eddie

ok Eddie that's great

hi Andy
Just the guy for us to meet.
we have an agent there who is responsible for our home there
we thinking of selling this one as it is far from where our home is.
Also she can show you other places.
I am going in 1st April to look of the improvement it needs.
It has a woodland and river on the land so plenty of wood

Hello Andy and welcome.

I have just bought a house in a village near Veliko Tarnovo. I found it through estate agents called Yantra Homes who did a marvellous job from start to finish.

Yantra Homes

Their website is well worth having a look at.

Good luck with your search.


Hi Terry,thanks for the info,I have had a look at their website,when I visit in March I'm going to use them and 2 others to look at houses,u never know how busy/interested people will b till u meet them,and I don't want to b sitting around waiting too much.i am really excited about my looks like a great place to live..

Fine living is a young couple making their mark. they have facebook also and are very supportive

I live near vt try century homes talk to vetislave the guy 100% plenty of good propery around

Have a great time in Veliko Tarnovo.....there are many agents and a multitude of properties for sale but do check the prices as sometimes one agent advertises at more than another for the same house.

We've loved living in the area for almost 10 years but are selling and downsizing now. But if you hear of anyone looking for 2 houses, with outbuildings, workshop etc and 5 acres of land please send them my way :)

Hi Andy,

Will be very happy to meet new people in Veliko Turnovo. Sometimes I've been there seven weeks in the summer and only speak to shopkeepers. Def. up for a drink. Def up for a barbecue at my place or anywhere.

BTW I will be selling my property which has a big'newer' house and a traditional house (already all is renovated) plus inside garage, on property parking for old house and loads of space out back to build a workshop. All is not perfect, but it's now in sound condition and old house has been underpinned after original builder created caverns underneath it!

I will go back probably end of June early July. This isn't meant to be an advert.

Anyone wants to make contact to socialise, will be happy to do so.

I too am in danger of speaking only to shopworkers and restaurant staff. I'm learning a bit of Bulgarian so I can mingle with my neighbours but it's a struggle. They are lovely people but I need a bit of real conversation every now and again so I'd be delighted to meet up with anyone who would like to do anything and anywhere.

I'm back in England at the moment to pack up my stuff but I'll be in Veliko Tarnovo to stay for ever and ever amen from 25 June.

Keep in touch ... anybody and every body ... please keep in touch.


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