safety in Mozambique

my husband has been offered a job in Maputo. I will relocate with him, as well as with my 2 year old. I am very anxious about safety and kidnapping in Mozambique. I am pregnant and was also wondering about the medical services offered. Would you consider this move wise? I thank you in advance for any info.


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I have come across this article on google : Mozambique 2015 Crime and Safety Report

You can have a look to have an idea.

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Thank you Naomi,
it's very insightful! I think I am better at home!

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You are welcome Anne :)

May be you can wait for feedback of residents before taking any decision. Better have at least two opinions.


Hi Anison, let me ask you what was yoru final decision? have you relocated to Maputo together with your husband? I have the same doubts about coming to mozambique... thanks

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