English speaking Dentist in Istanbul.

Merhaba, I am planning a trip to Istanbul and I am looking for a good dentist, who speaks English.
Thanks in advance.

Hello Mahfoud,

There are some dentists recommended in the business directory, maybe you could contact them and inquire : Dentists in Istanbul

All the best

Thank you Bhavna.

I can also recommend you one. If you wish and can give your email, I can write an email to the dentist putting you in CC, so you can directly connect with him afterwards.

Hi Burakb

If you know a dentist, I would advise you to register his details in DIRECTORY section so that everyone can benefit from the information.


I can not post his name without the prior consent of him and I can not ask every professional, I know, would you like to show yourself in It is their business to do so if they want. But I can help everybody on case by case and there is nothing wrong about this I guess. Maybe those who benefit from the professional may advise him or her afterwards on the forum and by this way we can learn the quality of the service from an expat point of view. By this way we also find the opportunity to interact each other.

Okay Burak..

I notice that you have been informed of posting info on DIRECTORY section earlier as well.

We try to keep things streamlined on the FORUM. The OP has already been advised to the appropriate section, where you are also advised to make contribution. 

I would advise you to read the forum policy and  also the rules and regulations regarding any exchange of personal information.


Hello, I can definitely recommend a great, english speaking dentist in Istanbul, Dogudent ( It is in Umraniye (sp). I went there last week. The clinic is very modern and equipment reminded me of home.
Thank you.

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