Filipinos in Shanghai

Hi I'm Jay, i will be here until May 31 as short term client assignment. I came from Philippines and staying here in Shanghai for couples of week now. I would like to meet filipino community here in Shanghai.

Hi there, you are in Shanghai? I have been looking for a job in  China as English teacher.. hirap

Hi, Jay! It's always nice to know a "kabayan" is nearby! 😊 My son and I are here for a vacation just until the new year ends. We're located near Line 1 MRT Xinzha station. Good morning!

wow nice.. I have always wanted to go to China ..I  just don't have any money yet.. That's great!

Hi, Lizzy! How are you? You can save some of your hard earned money. After that choose a budget airline for your tickets then try searching online for cheap hotels. Good luck to you!

Hello will be going to Shanghai by Sept with my family.  We will be stayimg along Nanjing East.. Kindly pls teach me how to go to Disneyland Resort.... And how can we access internet?  They said FB Twitter Instagram Google Snapchat are blocked in China but some still can access it.  Do you know how to get through with these social networks coz my daughter will be bored if she can't be able to access that social networks...

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