If you're an expat and you're fun, join this thread (girls and guys)

Hello everyone,

Since there are a lot of expats and most of us, we don't now  a lot of people.

So why don't we have this thread going for the people who still haven't friends (including me)

I wanted to suggest that  we can at least once a week gather in some place, maybe a bar, a pub and more suggestions are more than welcome.

Also, maybe we can discover cities around Brussels, like Ghent or Brugges or Antwerp, or maybe we can go to Amsterdam!

so what do you think?

Meeting new people, from different cultures , we need that!


So, who's in? :)

Sounds great am totally in ☺

me too ....  I am ready

I live in antwerpen.I am in .

Sure Guys, would be gret to meet new People, in Brussels...;)?

Sound's great!

when and where is next meeting...

Great! your topic it's really nice I'd like so much.. I'm here from august like au pair and I don't have any friends but just the last week I discovered this website and it's fantastic! so when you want! :)

Let's meet.
Start with Belgium  :)

Count me in  ;)

Sounds okay.

Hello , i was thinking to make a thread like this but i found yours . I am also new in West Flanders ( Ieper ) Belgium . Looking for good friends . i will be happy to be a part  of your group .

Interesting idea .

Count me in....

Me too. I am in Kortrijk but I can come anywhere in Belgium. No problem.

I stay in near Gent.  I don't have any friends here.  Let's meet!

Where nearby gent you stay?

Hi all.
I am new here and I am in yet :-)
Looking forward to meeting you guys!

I'm up for that but how do we proceed from concept to execution?

Fergiedon :

I'm up for that but how do we proceed from concept to execution?

Somebody should take the lead and invite everybody to somewhere. We can make a doodle poll for the most suitable date.

The EVENTS section might prove useful for organizing your meetup ;)  Please feel free to use it.  :top:

Romaniac Experts Team

1. Analyze
2. Develop
3. Test
4. Execute(or deploy)...than 1. :-) :)

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