VND to USD at Da Nang or SGN airport ?

Hi Guys,

Anybody tried to change VND to USD in airport when leaving Vietnam ?  Is it only at International Departure at SGN and what are the fee ?

I have heard earlier that there´s Exchange Booths before check-in with an expensive fee and 2 Exchange Booths after you have checked going to the gate where the fee is minimal.

Appreciate any help, thanks.

I think you can get better exchange rate at the gold store on Nguyen Huu Cau and Hai Ba Trung. I have had better exchange rate there on both ways USD to VND or reverse. Good luck and have fun.

I've gone to the DaNang Airport to the Agribank window outside on the ground level...Vietnam Dong for US dollar many times...prior to departure and anytime I have found the window open...over the past year.  It was their 'bank' rate that was exchanged...and within a few dong of what I had on my mobile for exchange,

Thanks a lot for your help - its not easy moving to new country where I only been a tourist a few times.

Instead of starting a new thread, I thought I would add to this one...

I was planning to spend more time here in Da Nang/Vietnam, but I just found out that I will have to leave the country this upcoming weekend for work reasons.  I am left with a reasonable amount of unused Vietnamese Dong (I was supposed to pay the guesthouse where I have been staying for the past month in cash, but just charged my credit card instead, hence the extra cash on hand).

Has anyone tried to exchange VND into another currency (USD, CNY, GBP, etc) at a Da Nang bank?  If so, was it a reasonable exchange rate?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

zeubie: Tried several banks in Danang. They flinch and the face turns sour when you say VND to USD. IF you say USD to VND, a bright smile appears.

Your best bet is to try gold/jewelery shops. There are a few near parkson shopping mall/Big C.(may be the same shops as a post above says)

Also, I know there is a Gold shop near here: … 08.2378519

the lady there was particularly nice.

Both airports should still have exchange booths. The rates might not be great, but you can keep your dong with you right up  to departure.

I agree with sanooku.

If you are not coming back definitely exchange in Vietnam, outside Vietnam the exchange rates are likely to be terrible.

Sanooko:  Thanks for your reply.  I will try out the gold shops near Big C.  I just went to an Eximbank and they gave me a blank stare when asked for VND to USD (or CNY - I am going to China).

Also, if all else fails, I will try the Agribank at Da Nang airport that Anthony64 suggested above.

Wanted to provide an update to my earlier question...

I went to the Big C shopping centre tonight to look for a gold shop.  There is one across the road from Parksons on Ong Ich Khiem (sorry, can't remember the name).  The woman there didn't speak English, but she was really friendly and between Google Translate, handwaving and the app on my phone, we were able to communicate.

I was able to exchange VND to USD ... she charged me VND 22,370 per $USD 1.00 which was more than fair.  It was pretty much the wholesale exchange rate quoted from and also, a really pleasant experience overall.

Many thanks to sanooku for the advice!

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