activities when you're trying to save

Hello all!!

I have been living in Ghana for a while now. This year i decided to save towards a couple of projects, and this isn't going so bad. the only thing is: can anyone help me with ways of keeping myself busy and/or entertained, or both :) that will also be in line with my savings plans? pleeaase? im not sure what to do with my free time when im trying not to spend so much.. I love dancing (zumba), drawing, music and poetry... and im crazy about healthy eating and trying new healthy stuff in the kitchen, nature and everything natural!!
PS: savings tips would be welcome, too ;)

You have to ask yourself how much you want to spend a month on activities that will entertain you....

Look on for activities that are free or reasonably priced. Alliance Francais organises a lot of events and they don't cost too much and are cheaper if you become a member. As to eating that is more of a problem as eating out is not cheap unless you go to local chop bars. Probably better to buy the ingredients and cook for friends

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