New: Gatherings and events in Vietnam

Gob bless us one and all!

Do you do heavy rock?

No, just entertainment. Sometime we play in the coffee shop of our friend  :D
Hope see you soon Brother  :top:
Thank so much!

Pity, I do like Acka Dacka.

Ok Brother!  :D

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Star Wars Cosplay Party- Return of the Jedi! … party.html

Anything good this weekend?

Great ideas, tho there are as well if you wanna check and co-operate.
Anyway, where are most of Hanoian? :(

Awesome. Hope to see you guys

All sounds great. The more social gatherings the better.

I'd love to attend one of these meetings. But, when one's wife requires 24/7 care, it just is not possible.

great idea! when you have event for gathering , pls let me know, i also want to join
thanks :)

I would love to attend I am over from the Uk from the 18th August for 3 weeks
Kind regards John

sounds a great idea

If you guys hold any events, please contact me. I want to make new friends. My English is not bad, so feel free to ask me anything you want. Grab a beer sometimes guys :)
Btw I'm vietnamese

how abt a coffee with everyone this coming weekend? :) i consider myself as 'new' in Hanoi and would love to see more people! Lol

Hello everyone,

Please do not hesitate to have a look at the Events in Vietnam section of the website for any upcoming event or even add your own event so that members can participate.

All the best,

Great idea!  Look forward to it!

Thanks. I am in...  :)

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