New: Gatherings and events in Saudi Arabia

This sounds interesting. I've just moved to Jubail so everything is pretty new to me. Would be looking forward to these events and meeting you guys. How can I keep a track of this? I'm a new member to the forum.

Great Idea. Hope you be able to do it in Riyadh

I am ready to mingle...let me know the itinerary

Dear All,

I have posted the 1st Get Together - Riyadh. Hope you guys can sign up if you are not busy this Friday. … ether.html

Lets meet and mingle.




Just moved to Jeddah from Riyadh. Would like to set up a meeting of musicians if possible. Anyone interested?

I am a jazz drummer and also teach music

nice idea

super, thanks!

This is exactly what I am looking for, just arrived here this week.

Great .. let's make an event ...... like gathering or whatever

Hello Guys,,....... its really a nice idea...

Hi Julien

It is great to see these kinds of meet-ups happening in KSA.  I`m a single female who will be working in Saudi from around end of October 2016.  Are single females able to join these gatherings?  I`m still trying to get a handle on my freedom of movement!

Thanks a lot


Well as a single female you will be able to find many groups and gathering to socialize with or do sports together. don't worry you are fine and you will find whatever you look for. I can help you when you arrive.

great idea


I have been here 2 weeks and have not found anything social of any kind....would you like to share?  I am about to start hitting my head on the wall from boredom.

Thanks. Maggie

Hello Maggie

Don't worry you'll find something soon. Have you had a chat with your colleagues about events or anything like that? There are other groups you can join online depending on where you are in the Kingdom. Internations is one group. Just select the city you're in and you'll see what events are happening.
How that helps a little.

Hope not how!

Thank you.  I will check it out.

i think no social events here it just going to cafe or have time in Public garden with friends thats all for here

Events are very limited, we need more ideas on enlarging the scale...

I eill be moving to riyadh with in few weeks and worried about social life, i think it will be very boring for all of us. Just let me know if you find something interesting please.

September 24th 7 AM at the KUDU in the DQ we will be meeting for Run, hike bike the DQ and 9 AM we will be having a breakfast picnic. Bring your own food or buy at the kudu.

Is this for men only?

hi folks, is this limited to -
a. cyclists
b. singles (or families entertained too?)

I will be moving to riyadh in few weeks and hope to meet you all.

It is in the DQ, so it is not limited to men or Cyclists. No metawa allowed. Ladies you do not have to wear an Abaya there.

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