New: Gatherings and events in Azerbaijan


Would you like to have a coffee, organize a dinner or find people for activities in Azerbaijan?

To help you meet people and find outings in Azerbaijan, we launched a Gatherings and Events section in Azerbaijan: you can now follow what’s going on in your area and make the most of your time off.

You can also create events and organize a gathering with the members.

How to create a gathering?

On the Events in Azerbaijan page, click on “Post an event”.
Fill in the form with the details related to the gathering: date, place, hour… and post your event.

It’s now time to invite the other members! You can opt for a public event or a private one (Invitation or Invitation plus).

To send invites, click on “Invite friends” on your event page and select who you wish to invite.

Get informed of who is coming through this page and get in touch with the other members or add pictures of the events in the comments.

A photo album dedicated to the event will then be created.

What do you think of this new feature?



Privet, ya ne protiv na sotrudnichestvu...!!!
Chto vas interesuyet, chem smoqu ya pomoqu vam...???


could you please post in english ?



Great idea! I like it.
I'll be moving to Baku within the next month or so, looking forward to being part of the expat community.


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