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Hi, im a keen ball player and comingto Beijing Ive had to put on the pause button a little when it comes to basketball and miss my teams a lot. I play ball in Dongdan at least once a week but am hoping to meet some regular players to make it more interesting. Im also hoping to watch the Beijing Ducks games during the season, it would be good to see the current MVP Stephon Marbury going to work! Ive got a couple guys who come down a lot to play ball and we are hoping to introduce ourselves to more players like yourself! If youre interested then please post here and ill be in touch!

Hi Harry91,

Do not hesitate to drop an advert in the Sport partners in Beijing section, members will easily access it and contact you .

All the best

Hey Harry,

I just arrived in Beijing and I'm looking for a run! I would love to meet you and your friends for a pick up game. I've been trying to find a solid court to play on but I'm still getting used to the city. Shoot me an email or add me on WeChat my ID is "cyrilnathanmorris" and maybe we can set something up.

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Hey Harry

I can introduce you to some ballers here.  There's a large group of us going to the NBA game here tonight.


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