Interpreter and driver services needed


I will be arriving in Tunisia on Jan 22 and will need to locate local architect and construction contractors in both Tunis and Ras JaDir areas.   

Does anyone know a dependable interpreter who has a vehicle available for hire?

thanks for your recommendations.


Hello Kirk,

I suggest you to please post an ad in the Jobs in Tunis section. This section is more appropriate for your ad and will enable you to detail your requirement.

Thank You,
Best Regards,


Hi Kirk,

I know a really goodEnglish language student in his final year and he is looking for an internship as an interpreter.
He dosen't drive though.
Pm if you are interested.


Thank you for your support.  I may have a gentleman already who is also familiar with the light construction companies that I will be needing.  I am meeting with him today and I will get  back to you if I need to speak to the student.

Best regards,

i hope you have find what you were looking case you don't , i'm in real estate field and i can bring you some light if you want..

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