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   My husband got a job in San Jose need a decent apartment with single bedroom.where can I find a nice place and what will be tha cost

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You could drop an advert in the Housing in California section so that to get some offers.

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Look at and specify San Jose way to see current prices

Which place is safe for family?I have a 10 month girl baby.Iam from India probably like to know the place safe for Indians and to get good Tamil neighbours other language neighbours are good as well

I don't live in San Jose so I can't tell you the areas.

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I don't live in San Jose, so l can't tell you anything about your problem either!

If you’re looking for affordable place to rent I would recommend to pay attention on Edenvale. The median rental rate here is around $1,700 per month, which is a great price for San Jose. Other great neighborhoods are Santa Teresa and Blossom Valley. The rent is higher there, but these areas are nice and safe for living. Both are close to Blossom Hill Road, and there are many shops, stores, restaurants, movie theaters and parks.

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