Purchases a property on the North Coast


Looking to locate to Jamaica but in the meantime need to check out the housing situation as I don't fancy living in rental accommodation.
Would like to use it as a holiday base initially
Has anyone purchase or  looking to purchase one of the new built gated community properties that are getting built along the North Coast

Good Morning,
The gated schemes look like a small barracks community.  They are conveniently located in St Ann and St Mary.  The quality of construction is something to consider. Check for the invasion of insects. 
Jamaica is beautiful.

We bought land and build ourselves a home with the local talented workers. Love them all.

Yes that's true! I went passed a few when I visited around Christmas and all the houses seemed to be on top of each other, I really don't know why they built them so close to one another.
your better off buying a house in a well established gated community, I live in a gated community and I like that each house has it's space.

Hi Dreamer2222 & Sparklie

Thank you both for your response , single women on her own might not be possible on embarking on a self built !

Sparklie have you relocated if so where are you now based in JA

look forward to hearing from you

cherish 50

No not yet , I hope to be gone next year May 2017. I'm still trying to prepare myself so I can ease in as quickly as possible.


Good luck in the preparation - just like you to know that back in 1995 I immigrated to JA and spent over 10yrs I had  lovely experience there .Unfortunately l had to return to UK but not because of any thing to do with living there .Hence the reason I am looking forward to returning

Thanks. Yes preparation takes a while when moving to another country, you have to do it right or else you will end up running back to the UK very quickly 🙈

My house is located in Tower Isles St Mary. You have some lovely schemes in St Mary such as Spring Valley and St Mary Country Club to name a few. You also have Richmond and Priory in St Ann's which have been there for a while.

Thanks for the info - will look in to it


How is the preparation going ????


It's slow but in motion. I'm still leaving next yr as  planned . I'm trying to sort out few bits of paperwork but I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I just got bk from JA sept 30th and it was amazing , I didn't want to leave. How about you how's preparation going?


So jealous wish I could be there now .I'm not planning to go until next July 2017 due to work commitments
I am making arrangement to be able to look at property with the intention of finding one to purchase
I have decided to look on the South Coast as well  after a trip last Xmas I spent some time   there and quite like it
Hope you don't mind me asking but what do you intend to do when you have relocated ?

We at least your making plans that's the most important thing. Now I'm in my 30's I'm learning to enjoy the journey not just the destination.
I'm a PA for a business owner, I work for the company from home , I can work from anywhere in the world . I also have a business that I'm about to start when I go over , that's  what I'm trying to sort out now. Im really excited , I've never walk it alone like this in my entire life, but I have a feeling this is the best decision I will ever make. UK has gone down the pan, there's not much prospects for ppl my age it's time for something new.


This topic seems to coincide with one I made recently regarding the sale of 2 vacant lots in a villa development upscale community near the beach. Can you provide details as to if you're seeking a house instead, or actual land to buy and build on?

Where abouts in Jamaica re you headed

No sure if your msg was for me investor but I already own a home in Jamaica.

I'm heading to the Ochi Rios area.


Happy New Year and lets hope is a good one !!

Hope everything is going to plan, you must be getting very excited - If you have time please drop me a line to let me know

In the meantime some good news maybe,  I have been able to get my name down on the waiting list to purchase a property in a gated community in Montego Bay (not my first choice but it looks really nice)

Still planning to visit in July I intend to spend my first week in Trelawny staying in a gated community
just to get a feel of what it would be liked so

Look forward to hearing from you

Sounds good @cherish50 - I also base in Montego Bay, but if you are interested, I could make some time to show you the area of the property being sold in Trelawny when you are available. You can Google 'Silver Sands, Trelawny' from your browser. The property is next to that area and shares the same beach, but keep in mind it's Land for building purposes.

Feel free to shoot me an Inbox message if you like.


Good to hear from you , glad your plans are progressing well.
I'm currently in Jamaica at the moment, just came from the beach 🤗 .
Right now I'm just settling in , trying to get the house sorted out and set up my business.

Yes, it's always best to feel things out here before taking the full plunge, there's a lot of challenges here and violence has increased especially in the Montego Bay Area. Just be careful when taking taxis here as they are kidnapping ppl hard .

Good to hear from though, speak to you soon.

Hi Sparklie

Lovely to hear from you I didn't know you were in JA already . Hope all is well and you are settling in OK. So jealous rub it in while we are over here in the cold .

Looking forward to coming over - and travelling over the island looking at properties ??

Really want to start making some positive moves - so glad that you have made the move just stay positive about everything and you will be fine

Take care - Speak soon

( Thanks for the heads up- reading some awful news about what is happening over there  hope it stops soon)

Hi Cherish,
Yeah I'm truly loving jamaica right now , l don't think about England much 🤗🤗🤗. I'm just at home  listening to the birds and eating fried breadfruit it's so lovely ! Don't worry it will be your turn soon just don't allow anything to hold  u back or else u will never experience jamaica in its simplicity.
A lot of new schemes being built right now. If your looking for a mortgage , you could think about joining the housing trust , after 1 yr you can purchase property or land through them and the repayments are low.
Well I'm here until may, let me know when you arrive.

Ps. As for the violence,  make sure you choose a decent place to live, stay away from mobay and some of the places in Clarendon. It sad to hear about the killings but you can't let that stop you , it's happening everywhere .

Good Morning Sparklie,

Hope all is well, lovely to hear from you

Thanks for the info regarding the NHT I am aware of it an in fact I do have points already from when I lived and worked in JA ( I checked this out on my last trip ) so I might go down this route will follow it up when I come over in July
Sorry I will miss seeing you in JA - maybe we can catch up when you are back in London

Have a blessed day

Hi Sparklie

Hope all is well ,
Are you in JA yet and if so how are you settling


Hi Cherish,
I just got back from Jamaica lol I'm  still sorting out a few things. How about you, when are you going? Have you found a house yet?

Hi, I am still waiting for my apartment to finalise and then I am going back out. Deffo by September.

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