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Getting a causeway book

Just did this today so thought I'd post the details in case it's useful. The whole process takes about 5 minutes if you do your photocopying in advance.

NB: this is for commuters who have Saudi residence (iqama/muqeem) and employment but live in Bahrain. It assumes you have a multi-entry visa for Bahrain because that's a condition for getting the book. You do not need a CPR number.

You'll need
- a copy of the photo page of your passport.
- a copy of the multi-entry visa in your passport.
- a copy of your iqama.
- one passport photo.

You can get copies made in the lobby of the building for 100 fils a go.

1. Head into Manama to the General Directorate of Nationality, Passport and Residence on the corner of Shaikh Hamad Causeway and Exhibition Road. (Google maps pin HERE). Parking there is difficult as the area is pretty crowded so be prepared to park a few streets away and walk. Opening hours are from 9am. I'm not sure what time they close but it could be as early as 12 noon for that office. I recommend getting there between 9 and 10. Obviously, only week days.

2. walk through the courtyard car park and into the main entrance straight ahead of you. Walk through the lobby and up three or four steps. Turn immediately right and go down some steps to a short corridor. There are a few doors on the left (including toilets). One of these says "Administration and Clerks Division" and this is the door you want. It's always closed and you don't need to knock. Just go in.

3. Tell the staff in the tiny office you want a causeway book and have a Saudi iqama and multi-entry visa. Present them with your copies and photo. They'll give you a blank book and ask you to fill it in. They'll ask you to leave the office while you do. There wouldn't be enough air in the room if you didn't.

4. At the (Arabic) front of the book there's a form in Arabic. On the other side of the page, it's in English. It asks for name, DOB, nationality, passport details, religion, occupation, iqama number, expiry date, multi-entry visa number, sponsor's name (Saudi company) and your Bahrain address. You can probably fill this in with whatever you like. They don't seem to ever check it.

5. Take the completed book back to the office. They'll stick in your photo and ask you to take the book through to the inner sanctum at the back of the office where a very important man will sign it for you. Bowing is optional and you are free to go.

You're not supposed to get a new book until the old one is full. But they didn't ask me if I already had a book and when I told them I did, they told me that I couldn't use the old one but should throw it away. When I told them that there were still a few pages left in it and that I rarely get a weekday off so came to get a new book, I was told that I could continue using the old one until it was finished and then switch to the new one. In other words, with no expiry date and no real investigation into your old book, you can have two on the go at once.

HTH someone!

Thank you for sharing the info!  :top: you're :one

Thanks this is very useful.

Does this mean I can cross the causeway without my passport?

I need to apply for a UK visa but my passport need to go to their embassy. As I work in Dammam and live in Manama I dont know how I will be able to do this.

Nooooooo!  :o

You absolutely must have your passport with you unless you are a national of a GCC country e.g. Saudis visiting Bahrain.

It saves you having your passport stamped all the time - they stamp your book instead. You still need your passport.

Thanks for the post - very useful  info

@ subarbansam > This topic is now a sticky one. :)

wow... I feel privileged. Thank you very much!  :top:

Josnuggles :

It saves you having your passport stamped all the time - they stamp your book instead. You still need your passport.

yes, thanks for adding that.

And a little tip: just because you give them the book, it doesn't mean they will stamp it instead of your passport. To help them be more motivated, many of us commuters put the book inside our passport and use a rubber band around the spine to keep the book in place.

suburbansam :

wow... I feel privileged. Thank you very much!  :top:

Lol, I asked for it to be a sticky as so many people ask for just the information you provided.  :one

The Multiple visa is that one issued at the airport for 3 months or 5 years issued by Bahrain immigration?

The 5 year visa is issued upstairs in the General Directorate of Nationality, Passport and Residence building. You can't get it at the airport, and you need to get it through a visa agent.

Your employer in Saudi should also be able to help.
I asked my Government Representative office in my company about the Causeway book and they arranged everything for me after providing the necessary copies of passport, visa and iqama and a photo.

I have a residency in Saudi. To avoid all that hassle I just go to a travel agent (al-fifa), pay them a minimal amount for their services and get the book a week later. Save me the hassle.

Would you know the process for getting the toll gate card? I have been a daily commuter for past 3 years and yet to get the e-pass for toll gates.

yes I've got one of those. That's a separate thread though...

suburbansam :

yes I've got one of those. That's a separate thread though...

Could you plesae post the thread handler.

I just wrote it... :)


a useful update to this thread!!!
You can get the same thing done at the bahrain passport office on the bridge itself instead of driving into the city and trying to find parking etc.
Good luck.

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