I am Marilou Alcantara,currently living in the Philippines. I would like to go to Germany on a working visa as a housemaid. I will appreciate so much if you can give me some advice on how to find emloyer please. Thanks.

It is nearly impossible for a non-EU-citizen to work as housemaid in Europe.
Firstly, there are almost no housemaids, due to the high costs (very few people could afford one).
Secondly, similarly suitable EU citizens must be hired first - and for such  unskilled work there are plenty of unemployed Europeans who can do the job.
Your only chance is probably temporary work as an Au Pair, if you fulfill the requirements for it.

Thank you very much beppi.  I appreciate it so much. Anyway,do you know some recruitment agency that I can possibly apply for ? You are so kind,I am flattered.

Recruitment agencies are often not very helpful and may only take a (high) fee from you (which is unusual and unfair on my opinion - serious agencies, which work for higher skilled jobs, are free for the applicant). I can only recommend doing without one.
For Au-Pair placements, there are some useful websites, though. Google to find them!

Ok,thank you very much. Your information helps a lot. Now I have some background and maybe I can start from there.If you or somebody likes to give me some hints please feel free to do so.That would be very much appreciated.

I have just read about the freelacer's visa.I just like to ask if that kind of visa is also available for cleaners and for people outside EU  like the Philippines? Your reply is much appreciated. Thank you.

How to get a freelance visa is described in this article: … t-germany/
As a cleaner, you will probably find #3 especially hard.

Hello,can you please share to me the link,if you have,about jobseekers visa or other visa options that I can possibly take please. Thank you and have a nice day.

Please check the website of your nearest German embassy for information on the job seeker visa. As far as I know, this visa is only applicable to some professions (most highly skilled) and requires a degree and experience in the field. I don't think it applies to cleaners.

ok,thank you very much.

im from philippines too ate.. :) and then i came here 2014 dec, im a nurse in pinas but still having hard time to find jobs. although im just here for a year.. :)
good luck..

I will say, if your really interested to come here you should study German language. It will be so helpful to find jobs here in Germany. Searching jobs alone to come here is next to impossible, unless you have somebody here (Germany) to invite, escort, or sponsor you for your Visa.

Never heard of a German having a house maid (due to economic and cultural issues) although au pairs are known and there are numerous special regulations for such jobs. But such positions are limited to age 27 and more complicated if one is from outside of the EU. Being an au pair is usually a chance to see another country and learn more of the culture and language but NOT to make much more than pocket money.

House maids are more common in America. But then there are already so many poor people, practically Hispanics, which would take the jobs that there is no need to go through the paper work to bring in additional foreigners.

I think a lot of Filipinos work as house maids in the Middle East; often treated like virtual slaves and at high risk of being raped by their employers.

Maybe you should try to get a job on a cruise ship? There are many Filipinos doing this. Long hours and pay is not great but they do get paid and treated with some minimally humane conditions.

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