What Area do Filipinas live in Generally in PP?

My wife is filipina and we would like to be in an area that  FILIPINAS LIVE possibly . Does anyone know if there is such an area where they are living or not ? Thank u  for any information.

Filipinas were all over PP...accross Parkway Square theres an apartment that most of tenants were Filipinas. Theres a school in road 6 that most of their teachers are Filipina, street 68 IEL intenational school have filipina teacheres also and they live at the apartments for international schools and nearby apartments, youll see Filipinas.

Thank u... I am an expat  and want to live in Cambodia  at least 6 months but dont want my wife to feel stranded as i do in the area where we live in the philippines ! So this is good news . I like filipinas , obviously , but where we are in the philippines , there are few expats to socialize  once in a while ! Thank you again

There are lots of Filipinas here in Cambodia but most of us are living here in SR.
Hope she could find many Filipino friends in PP.
Good luck and God bless you both

By the way, my filipina nanny/tutor just left the country -- a bit unexpectedly actually -- and I am looking for another one. So, if anybody knows of a (literate, English-speaking) filipina interested in doing the alphabet with my kids, please, let me know.

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