New members of the Sweden forum, introduce yourself here – 2016

Hey guys!

I'm James from Australia, I'm a youth worker back home and have just settled into Swedish life and am hoping to find work ASAP!
Not really sure how well i'll be able to work here as my Swedish isn't quite up to scratch but i'm hoping i can find some sort of social work.

Hi Im Alice from The Philippines. I used to teach English online to a lady who lives and in Gothenburg Sweden. She then encouraged me to work there and advised me to continue my studies there. As of now, I am searching for jobs that i can have there. (however , I cant speak Svenska.)

Hello Everyone,

I am looking into moving to sweden. I am an electrical engineer and i am wondering if there are work opportunities in sweden for my major.


My name is Rosa. I am currently living in Sweden going on 1 year in October. I have been looking for work and having limited results.  I am however enrolled in SFI to learn Swedish for about 6 months. I completed my dissertation while living here in Sweden and have been looking into working for the University in any capacity.

I like living here. It does take a bit to get used to being here, but it's the same in any new place.

Hey Black Sheep

I have seen tons of jobs for engineers.  Try Volvo they hire constantly. Start learning Swedish

Hey there

You can get  to SFI and learn Swedish for free.  You will need your ID number (social security number)

My name Lamin Darboe staying in italy for 1 year 7 month recently and my girlfriend is Swedish national who is pergant and she want us to be together because we love each other soo much I need a help how possible can we start my journey to sweden before she will get birth with her newly born please I really need a help

Hello everyone,

I am Nahean, from Bangladesh. I am currently studying in Malmo University in European studies.

Hej, everyone, I live in Skåne for the past 5 years, and i like to move to Stockholm, to fine a job, can I anyone help me?
I have forklift license, I did the course here in Sweden and i have  over 2 years experience working as a forklift driver, I am also a bricklayer as I have studied it here in Sweden and I have experience working with it before. I was trained målare or painter with experience too, any help will be appreciated, thanks.

Hi everyone Im Rafa, I'm from Brazil and I'm set to move to Sweden at the end of January next year.

I will be working and living in Stockholm. I would like to make new friends and any advice on where to live how to find cheap rent ( hahah yeah I know ) it is very welcome.

Thank you all :)


I'm Menci Joy and new in this site. I'm currently working here in Dubai but having my papers on process to be with my Älskling soon.
I like traveling and knowing different cultures and learn from it as well.
I'm studying the language anyhow through apps on line. I wanna learn more about it as I want to be familiar, adopt and embrace the culture.
Living far from family and friends will be quiet challenging but I'm hoping best for myself and all who newly join here.
Any suggestions regarding norms to observe, finding a job and things to do during winter will be greatly appreciated.
Hope to hear some suggestions.

Tack så mycket!

My name is Marilyn
I moved to Sweden - Karlskrona - with my husband ( and 3 dogs and 1 cat) for his work at the end of August. I am originally from South Africa and my husband is British. We have been living in Dubai for many years - quite a climate change 😀
We are still getting settled and have found a house to rent from 10 November. Unfortunately I don't speak any Swedish - yet😉!! I plan to start SFI as soon as I get my personnommer.
I am a Veterinary Nurse and am hoping to be able to work. I don't know if I need to be able to speak Swedish before I can get a job ... but will try 😀


Hej Imesa! Welcome

Hi Mazbyers! Welcome

Hello everyone,
My name is Mario and i'm currently an undergraduate student in the field of Tourism Business Management in Thessaloniki, Greece. I am planning to move to Stockholm during the next year, starting as an Internship and hoping to set my roots there.
Thanks and nice to meet you all!

I am planning to move to Sweden. I will like to get a English job in Sweden and learn the Swedish Language as well. Please help me out.

Hello !
I am Claudia, I'm portuguese and I am planning to move to Sweden.
At the moment I'm working at a portuguese consultancy company, both me and them are looking for a job abroad, hopefully in Sweden.

If someone wish to trade swedish language for portuguese, feel free to contact me.

Warm regards

Hello ! :)
I am Eman from Cairo - Egypt , I look forward to move to Sweden because I've been told it's beautiful and safe. If you asking why I want to move I'd say because my life is not enough for me.. I need to have normal life where I can feel alive, do you think it  is enough reason  ?

Guy 25yo  livin near gothenburg originally from bosnia

My name is Kim I stay I örebro anybody around we can meet and share life

enigma1 :

Guy 25yo  livin near gothenburg originally from bosnia.  Feel free to contact me about anything


my name is david and i have just bought a house in saffle with my wife.i will be moving in about 3 weeks. i am looking to learn the language by joining the sfi when i arrive as well as getting my personnumer but want to know if there are any expats with this area who can help me bed in or maybe point me in the right direction for finding  job?


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