New members of the Sri Lanka forum, introduce yourself here – 2016

Hi all,

Newbie on the Sri Lanka forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Sri Lanka if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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My name is Ron Collins I moved to Sri Lanka  In the last quarter of 2013 were i am retired
Initially I live in the UK I have absolutely no regret what so everin moving to paradise island
I am now married to a lovely Sri Lankan lady who has built a property on land she owns
The climate suits me just fine far better than the damp UK all year round but I must say
The weatheris not as predictable as previous years the Monsoon seems to have extended
Over the past few month
There are many good things in so much that the cost of living is about 45% cheaper than
The UK,with medical facilities which are excellent,fuel such as petrol half the prices of the UK
The one thing that prohibitively expensive is the purchase of motor vehicle double the price
Than the UK
Bank interest rates on fixed deposit for a Rupee account is currently 7% per annum
All in all the Sri Lankan economy is doing quite well with tourist activities on the Increase

I just joined. I've been an expat in the United Arab Emirates for the past 18 years. I would love to relocate to Sri Lanka at some point. Visited the country last year and fell in love instantly!
Looking forward to know more about expats in Sri Lank and how to become a resident there.
Will stay tuned to all posts here.
Thank you.

Hi I am Raja and I live in Negombo Sri Lanka and in Switzerland. I really enjoy it here in Negombo especially the beach and the laid back life. I am originally from Kandy Sri Lanka and I been living in different countries around the world for over 25 years. Been here in Negombo for the couple of years.

I am a business consultant, executive coach and management trainer. As a side line business I am launching  a guest house for tourists for short lets and apartments for long stay expats in Negombo. If I can be of help to any newly arrived expats or soon to arrive expats do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

I do hope to get to know the expats in the Negombo area, perhsps we can start a monthly coffee/Tea morning or a pub evening to network with all expats in the area. Cheers!

Hello everyone,

Welcome on board  :)

Once you have introduced yourself, do not hesitate to create a new topic on the Sri Lanka forum with your questions ( you will be able to choose from different theme/categories) so that members may get back to you.

Here is the direct link to create a new topic on the forum :

All the very best

Hi I am Grace and I am still in the Philippines, but i will be moving to Sri Lanka, Balapitiya sometime in March for a job I will be promoting and selling the new Dusit Thani Hotels Beachfront Balapitiya to investors in Sri Lanka. I believe this is he best way to connect to likeminded professionals, I want to mee new friends and contacts! See you soon!

I have recently moved to Sri Lanka and an living in Unawatuna. Is there anybody else in this forum, who also lives in the Southern Province?

Hello everyone"
Just moved to Sri Lanka and living in Kandy now.
Looking for people to meet around the city and eventually take some one-day or two-days visits to discover nearby places. Other suggestions are welcomed but mostly to meet people around and get used to moving like one more local :)

Hello there!


Hope you're doing good. I'm Zain, a Sri Lankan living in Colombo. ***, please don't hesitate to contact me at any time.

Thank You & Kind Regards

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haii want a help sri lanka people.sms me.iam help you

what is help youa.project

Beunos trades Maryah33 !

Encantado de concierele. Also in Kandy since 2015.


Hello Raja,

I am from Germany and I want to move to beautiful Sri Lanka with my little child.

I also have a friend in Negombo and I really want to support him.
I would love to find a buyer in Europe (maybe Germany) for him. He has a wonderful company where he produces best virgin coconut oil with all his passion and love.

With all your cosmopolite experiences - Do you have any idea how I can manage to find a buyer and how to get Visa for him to visit Germany?

What about your guest house and apartments in Negombo? Do you have success?

I would love to meet you at a monthly tea morning or a pub evening to network with all expats in the area, when I am arrived.

Wish you wonderful time and hope to read from you,
all the best and good health!



Ich kann dir auch paar Tipps geben, mit dem Visum meinte ich

Hi Katja,

Will you write your tips about Visa. Because I renew them yearly.

LG--- ca2ca

we are considering to re-locate to Sri Lanka/ Colombo from USA next year. We have 9 year old twin girls. I am from Frankfurt, husband from Colombo.
Lots and lots of question whether this is a good move, we are tired of "rat race" in USA, just working and no quality time with family.

Looking for advise of private schools and general feedback on how live is for European female in Colombo. I have been there 5 times but only on vacation, loved it a lot besides catching Dengue...

We will be there in December for 3 weeks again to check things out. Very Interested to meet up with expats who can help/ guide us...

Thanks, Lina

Hello Lina,

I  returned back to SL after living in Deutschland for 45 years. My family too came here often on holidays but last year I came to live here. There is a big difference in vacationing and staying permanently. SL has changed to negative, corruption, pollution, attitude of people etc.
As for education, what most SL parents doing ferrying thier children to tuition classes. Everyday. Competition is very high so each try to the best.  I am living in Kandy and with heat its better than Colombo but too much of religious activities (Lautsprecher) all over.
Regarding European females living in Colombo ?, my wife stopped coming here in year 2000. But you have to try & experience yourselves and keep all doors open. Alles Gute in SL.


I'm shalik lives in ambalangoda. I was in USA for 5 years. Just came home 3months ago,,I would like to hang out with foreign people,, looking forward to hear from you all

Hello! I'm Sharon and plan to retire next year to Sri Lanka. I'm originally from Guyana but live in Germany. I've been to Sri Lanka and it's a lot like my home country; I've also a close connection to India, where it is impossible to get a retirement visa.
To begin with, I've rented a house for three months in Sri Lanka next summer, and am connecting with people I already know who live there. I can't find one of them, which is the main reason I'm joining this forum now instead of later -- maybe someone here can help find her!

i'm from Algeria, i live in Sri Lanka since 2014, i would like to meet Arab people especially if they are from Algeria too.
Thank you.

I am Steve and my wife, Bodi, and I are looking at possibilities of moving to Sri Lanka to run a tourist business, most probably villa rental if feasible.
Is difficult to get up to date information on the present situation regarding foreign investment and property purchase. Would appreciate any advice and pointers to good legal help.

Hi! I'm Patrycja. I'm from Poland, I live in London, and I would like to move to Sri Lanka. It's nice to meet you, :) Is here anyone living in London, who would like to move to Sri Lanka? Or maybe someone living in London who would like to learn Sinhala with me?

Hello everyone,
I'm wafir living in sri lanka, and working as a freelance tour &  travel operator. If you have anything related to tourism business please contact me on ***

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Hey Guys,

Roshane here. Originally from Colombo, Sri Lanka, I've spent the best part of a decade mainly in Australia. Sri Lanka is still home though and my plan is to eventually move back home.

I have invested in a holiday rental in Ella which has just opened up and I'm also planning on renting my property in Colombo 6.

I am an engineer by trade and I'm more than happy to chat with anyone moving to or from Sri Lanka or Australia.


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Hi Grace just joined expat.SL and you know what i worked for the same group.

hey used to live close to unawatuna but not anymore. lovely area ..

Hi @Steve_p,

I have few contacts that you could make use of if your still interested.


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