New members of the Singapore forum, introduce yourself here – 2016

Hello everyone,

I'm Natasha. I am not  an expat (yet) in Singapore. But I am planning to try my luck on my visit next month. Just try to explore the place and see where it leads. Hope I can meet some of expats who can share their views and experience in Singapore.


Hey Bella,

You can go here for good food. North Indian Cuisine … 03.8540139

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Let me know what kinda foods you looking at.
All the best.

hello. marcus here  :)

welcome to singapore! im cha,new here!

Hello fellow expats!
My name is Lili! I'm from VN and I will be at Singapore in one week for my trainee job! I am super excited but also anxious about moving to another country by myself for the first time. It's a little terrifying but reading all of your amazing experiences working here I felt so much better.

Hope to meet and share amazing experiences with everyone here!
Have a fantastic day everyone!


I'm Mark. I've been living in Singapore for six years now. When I came over I worked for a few startup companies and then decided I would like to start my own business in Singapore.

I like meeting people and going to networking events.

Who knows, maybe we will meet at a future event.


hi dear friens  i am  chemical engineer  jorge sandoval  , plaese  i am in colombia  ,  need help  for  to do a  contact in singapure  , please  i  have the name to the  company  and i have  had  comunication  with the manager to  the company that  i am need , i am a  cientific  in  fuels  here in colombia  and south america, need a friend that help me  with the  telephonical  contact  with this  company   thanks  from  colombia 
my mail  ***  (in bogota  colombia)  cell  phone   ***

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Reason : Do not post your personal contact details on a public forum for your own security

Jorge: For your own safety, please do not post personal contact details publicly on the forum! If you do not edit the post yourself to remove it, the moderators will do so soon.
It is not clear from your post what help you are requesting and why. If you have contact with that Singapore company, why don't you contact them yourself again?

hi  natasha.    thaks  for your  recomendations,  ok  tell me how  remove my personal dates,  i cant  contact the company  because  when i   was receiving  answer to the company ,  the  web page was  funtion  and  one  celulalar  phone  was good   , now  the webpage  is damage  and the phone  contact  not funtion  , colombia  have  13  hours  to diference  with singapur  it  is dificult  for  me ,  i have  address  , telephones,  and  names  for that  reason i need  the  posivitly  contact
  thakns    for   colombia 

jorge  eliecer  sandoval mendoza

Jorge: Where Natasha came in between? Looking at your message, I'm not sure what exactly you're referring here. Believe some fraudulent fake company trying to tell all these stories, avoid for your good.

Singapore is a highly regulated and sophisticated country, there is no way a company's phone number is not working and othe cooked stories. My humble request stay away from these cheaters for your own good. Best of luck.

Jorge: My name is not Natasha, but your post indicates that you were replying to me.
Your private data has already been removed by the moderators, but in general you can use the "Edit" function within one hour after posting.

It is still not clear from your post what kind of help you want.
If the company is not reachable any more, it may be that it changed its number/address, closed down, doesn't want to be contacted any more or, as Surya pointed out, maybe never existed in the first place.
You can check the Singapore registry of businesses at
What do you actually want from that company?

Hello, I'm staying in Singapore since a couple of months ago. Still new to Singapore.

hello everyone
my name is raouf i have a license in business management i have two years exprience as a management controller im coming next december to singapor for looking for a job any  one can help me i'll be gratefull

Hello everyone! My name is Roldan. But you can call me Jhess 😁
I have been working in Singapore for around 3 years.

Nice meeting you all! 😊


Have you settled down in Singapore and how do you find our tiny island?

Hi I am Tony, been here for a few years. Like to meet new friends and enjoy cold beer.

Hi, i'm jojo. living in singapore since 2013, from australia. nice meeting all of you. =)


Is there anyone here that Would be interested in buying a share of a 400,000 USD yacht.

I'm an IT professional from Malaysia and relocated to Singapore now. I work in IT consulting company. Do let me know if anyone looking for a job in IT, more than happy to help.

Hi, Julien!

I'm Jing and I am definitely new to this website! :) I've been following people through forums and different topics, I've been living in Singapore for a year and a half! basically just work and house all week. Hoping to better living days here in Singapore! :)

Hi Nichada! Nice meeting you :) hope your stay in Singapore goes well! :)

Hi Friends,

I am Shiv and currently living in India but looking to work in Singapore.
EP is already applied for in pending status since long.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Everyone!

I am Von 35 years old from Philippines. I am really interested to live and find work in Singapore.  I am a CPA.  I also got my masters degree in business administration. I am currently working in a real estate business as a commercial accountant. 

I would thank anyone who could give me advise.:)



Im excited to be here in this forum. Im a Singaporean.

Ohhh My God, I feel sad now; the most of you are there in Singapor :  my country dream,
Bah I am Nacih from Morocco, I got this year (2016) my master degree in engineering mechanics and production and I am here in this nice site web to know more about this amazing country, to talk with people and of course seeking for a chance to find a job or a lover there :D ?

Nacih, to get a job in Singapore, you have to get a sponsor (a company who can hire you) who will apply employment pass for you (depends on approval) you are eligible to work here. Other than this chances are next to nil. Looking at your above post, it seems you are a fresher so chances further drop down to almost nil. So, my best advise is get work experience in your country for few years then try in Singapore (the chances may increase but no guarantee to get even a call from an employer here). It's a highly competitive market and as a foreigner you must have a recognised degree (MoM has list of institutions which they recognises or accept the degrees) and special skills which is required in this country or else they will simply reject your employment pass request even though a company willing to hire you (if you are lucky enough). Good luck.

Hi Nacih...Im a Singaporean. Singapore welcome skilled and talented people. However, too many foreign talents in Sporean already. Its going to be tough for you. In the meantime,  try getting a job in a MNC in yr country. Get some experience 1st then you can try applying for a job in Singapore. I know its not easy but hey....who knows opportunity knocks on yr door. Goodluck!

Thanks so much

SO It's so sad, I thought that finding a job abroad will be more easy than that :/ ,
All the companies want experienced persons even in my country, I think nobody born with a experience :( :(


SO It's so sad, I thought that finding a job abroad will be more easy than that.

Finding a job abroad is always a lot more difficult than finding one on home ground. That's why only the most dedicated and resourceful people manage. Try showing your dedication by getting a few years useful work experience elsewhere first (e.g. in your home country) and save some money for the job search trip(s) you'll need to find a position in Singapore!

Hi Everyone! Lydia here. I love Singapore and do digital marketing here.
Am also a travel blogger of adventure travel blog Lydiascapes Travel. You can get some travel tips and advise at

Hi everyone and welcome on board  :)

@ Lydia, you might want to register your blog in the Blogs from expats in Singapore section of the website so that it benefits from better visibility .

All the best,

Hi I'm Ben ( Tunisian )
Its been 20 years and counting around Asia, I've been living and working as IFM manager in Singapore for more than 10 years, currently holding an APAC area manager position for a MNC.
I would love to meet expats living in Singapore and beyond

Hi all!
I'm Dinx. Newbie Filipino PR here in singapore.
Would love to have new friends , share cool cultures, travel experiences and all.

Let's have some coffee yeah?

Samanding: It is not clear whom your post is addressed to.
Anyway, the questions you have were discussed many times on this forum, so please read existing posts first to find a lot of good advice!

Thanks for your response . kindly take me by hand on a brief explanation on how to go about living and working in singapore. some agents here are advertising work wisa from companies in singapore and dont want to fall to fraudstres. i actually want to land a job before coming. i have a free visa to come but wat to be sure of getting a job first. thanks and expecting to hear from you

Samanding: Nobody will "take you by the hand" if you're not willing to do your homework yourself. All your questions are already answered on this forum - you just need to read!
One word of. caution: Do not use agents, they are usually cheats - especially if they charge you a fee (which is illegal in Singapore law).


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