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Hi Im Yousseph,
I've been living In Milano/Italy for the last 9 years due to Family reasons , I came here to try to find a job In Italy ,
Thanking All in advance

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Hello i am Thai living in Mestre Venice
If u coming to Venice i would like to meet u.

Hello guys, i am From Thailand now i am living in Venice for 3 years now.
When i was in Bkk Thailand I worked as a secretary and administrative, personal assistant. Also the tourist guide. I can speak Thai of course English and italian.
Learning Chinese and Japanese too. Well, i like to learn the languages.
I am an active woman. Friendly and serious (sometimes)
If anyone interested to talk or share any idea and business i am really appreciated.

Nice to meet you guys all around the world.

Have a great smile everyday!!!

Hello, Lovely People.. :)
I'm Melina from Greece!
I thinking to move in Italy, after my visit ..I LOVE this country!
I worked for the last 9 years as Manager at a Restorant / in the greek island Santorini/
Very turist spot./.maybe some of you visited/
If you want to know why I wand to leave this beautifully place.?!
..I want to make the BIG CHANGE , in my life, is time to do that!
I have a big son / he has his family/, so, I am alone!
I looking for new opportunity!

Best Regards to everyone :cheers:

Ciao tutti,

I came to Milan two months ago to teach English. I'm from England. I'm from Devon but just spent 10 years in Manchester. I'll be here at least until summer next year. I live in Baranzate / Novate Milanese in the North of the city. I work evenings during the week so my social life has been inconsistent so far. I'm looking to find some regular activities at weekends, or even weekday mornings. I love football, am keen to try virtually any sport, and enjoy the outdoors and socialising with almost anyone. Perhaps even a group of people to hang out with regularly. If you'd like a beer or coffee, send me a message.

Hope all's well. Best regards


Welcome new members :)

Hi everyone.  I am from Bloemfontein, South Africa.  The desire to leave the country comes a long way, but political circumstances here really make it almost inevitable to stay here. 
I was on holiday in Milan for one month in 2015 and I couldn't stop loving the city.

Ciao a tutti! こんにちは!!!!!

Mi chiamo Maica and I am planning to study in Firenze, Italia for the upcoming semester!
I am very much interested in both the Italian and Japanese culture.
So, please, if there are any Japanese that would like to connect, or if anyone knows of some stellar Japanese teachers in Florence, please give me a shout. :)

No dates or spam mail please! I am just looking for language, culture, and the people who love to share it. Mille grazie e ありがとうございました!

Hi everyone,

My name is Joel, I am from Canada but live in Berlin. My girlfriend and I decided to spend the winter in Trapani, Sicily. If there is anyone that would like to get in touch to chat or meet up for any social event would be great!

Many thanks!
Vielen Dank!
Grazie Mille!


Hello everyone!

I am moving to Palermo next week with my partner and baby. I am a trained nurse, enjoy art and sports and I know a little Italian. Looking to meet people who can speak English, who enjoy good food and wine and like to talk lots! Will also gladly accept little lessons on Italian in exchange for English.

Where in Italy do you plan to move? I have always wanted to visit Santorini, it's beautiful and the food looks amazing

Hello there! We will be living in Castelvetrano, Trapani region and travelling back and forth to Palermo until we eventually settle in the city. Would be nice to meet up as I don't speak much Italian yet.... maybe we can snowboard up mount Etna?!😁

Hi, my gf and I are Canadian, we live in  Trapani..about an hour from Palermo. We'll be visiting the next week.

I speak Italian fairly well, Stephanie is just starting out. She works in web content mgmt. I'm a graphic artist and silversmith.

Drop us a note if you'd like.

A presto,


My partner is from Sicily, he is a graphic designer and I am from Scotland and a trained nurse.... will def message you when we arrive. How long are you there for?

That sounds great ! We expect to remain in Sicily until march or april. It's really beautiful here, you'll love it.

Buona serata,


Coming to Sicily in the spring.  Looking forward to exploring, and finding the right location as to where to settle down. Any suggestions for places to rent while I explore?  Some leads would be appreciated.

Hi there, not sure about places to rent but just thought I'd say hi! I'm moving to Palermo in the next few weeks.


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