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Hi everyone
My name is Narges. I am from Iran. I am a Master student. but I want to study Architecture in Italy. i will start to learn Italian language until one month later. I want to know about living , studying and finding job in Italy. and fine new friends who live in Italy. thanks

Ciao everyone,
I am a Web & Software developer/Designer.  I am living in Misterbianco (Catania) and I have residence/work permit for Italy. I am searching for an any kind of job in any city of Italy. I can speak, read and write language English and I am learning(beginner) Italian.
Kindly, contact me if any possibility ***

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Hello, as I mentioned when I signed up I am a retired schoolteacher . I was hoping to gather some info as to starting the process. How does one rent an apartment. I would like to be on the water, where would you recommend? What areas have the largest communities of expats because my Italian is almost non existent. Thank you

Hi all,

I'm Ana-Maria from Romania, based in Florence for one year (at least) for work. I moved here in April, and visited the city and surroundings since then. Now I would like to make new friends and enjoy the "aperitivo" with them:)

Thanks and have a great day! Grazie e Ciao!!:)

Dear all, I'm Luca and I live near Monza /Milan. I would be glad to meet foreign people, to share interests and practice languages (I speak also English and Spanish). Hope to meet you soon!!

I'm a Liberian studying at the university of Bologna I moved here four months ago the Italian language is bit difficult for me I will like to meet friends that will help me Improve and share ideas I speak French and English

HI psychologist and singer songwriter looking for acquaintances for me and my wife after we arrive in November, also help in buying and registering a motorcycle.

Hi everyone,
I'm Riz. I live in Australia. I'm planning to move to Italy, but not sure in which location yet. I want to explore the country first as a tourist a few times, then maybe decide from there. I'm a nurse in Australia. Don't know what it's like to do nursing in Italy.

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Ciao a tutti :)
My name is Andy, I'm a 19 year old au pair living in Gorgonzola, Milan (20 minutes away from the center) and I was hoping to meet other au pairs doing the same as what I am doing!
I'm studying italian (quite basic but improving) and I am originally from England, so English is my mother tongue.
Also if you would like any tutoring in English, I am welcome to help, as I need some extra money to help afford my travelling.

Feel free to drop me a message if you live close and want to meet up! :)


Ciao ciao! I'm Jessica. Moved to Italy in 2012. I'm married to an Italian and now we have a baby. I used to teach English, but wasn't what I came here to do! I'm now about to start up my own online boutique selling modern crochet home-decor. I also blog about my life and business, as well as design at I'm in several groups on Facebook related to  expats in Italy and that helps with general questions as well as keeping a good vibe.

Hi Everyone! I am from Cape Town, living in Italy for a year now. I am married with a baby on the way and would love to connect with other South Africans or English speakers in general. Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi Jess, I am also married to an Italian and have a baby on the way (due date is January 2017), sounds like we are having a similar experience. Im not sure where you are living but if you are keen to possibly skype, let me know. Have a great day!

Am atish basicaly from maurtius. Searching for a job in italy it can be any job, i can be their to teach english as well because our national language is english.

Hello everyone and welcome on board  :)

As this thread is only dedicated to the introduction of new members, please create your own topics on the Italy forum if you need any info. You will get better interaction with other members of the forum this way.

@ Atish, as far as jobs are concerned, you will have to refer to the Jobs in Italy section of the website by dropping an advert along with your cv. If an opportunity arises, you will be contacted.

All the best,

Hi Claire! I would definitely be willing to Skype, I know having a baby in a foreign country is a scary thing! Find me, lala1211uwf

Hi everyone,

Basic intro:
I'm Ehi and I'll be moving briefly from Abuja to Torino for a short(-ish) professional course at the start of next year.

In other news:
I am a lawyer currently working in international development.
So, I'm also curious about accommodation types, transport services, and also the Latin dance scene around Turin.

Any useful tips would be appreciated.


Hi everyone, I'm returning to Lecce end of October 2016 after coming back to California (San Francisco Bay Area) for a few months. Thinking of Thanksgiving and the possibility of getting together with English speaking expats for the occasion? (Or other times for meet ups?)
Yes, have found very few English speakers in Lecce other than the quick pass-through tourist in the warmer months. I am a retired senior with young views of our world. Open minded. Will be staying in the Porta Napoli area this time.

Hi everyone, my name is Shania I am 18 and I just moved to Trieste with my parents about a week ago. I was born in England but was raised in America. My mum and I are looking to meet expats as our Italian is non existent. We will be taking Italian lessons during the month of October. I am also looking for a job. We would love to meet new people and make friends. If anyone is interested in getting coffee or a bite to eat please let me know.  :)

What a neat story! My spouse and I are also musicians and are considering a move based on my dual citizenship.  Should this happen we hope to meet other musicians and continue to play. I would love to hear more how about things are going for you.

Hi I am new brand new to the forum. My spouse and I hope to make the move soon and we are also musicians. While I cannot help with motorcycle I just wanted to say hello as we hope to "meet" some people before we make it move.

hello everyone my name is Zaynab and i hoping to meet some nice people that would like to be friendly and hopefully eventually become friends. hope to hear back soon.. cheers

nice to meet you,i am Zaynab from Nigeria. i live in arluno on the outskirts of Milan for now. hope you are enjoying your stay here so far?

Hello Ehi my name is Zaynab and i am Nigerian and live in Milan. you can check online for accommodation they have various types depending on what you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend,kinda like Abuja. as for transportation there are buses that can take you to and from your destination,i'm not sure if they have a metro system in Turin or a tram system. but i am sure all these are available online. hope you enjoy your stay in Turin and if you come to Milan you can hit me up. * cheers and have a wonderful day.

Hello, my name is Tim natively Zimbabwean. I jus moved to Pisa Italy for my Master.

Hie Tim, im Cj, i am also from Zim  and i moved to Italy for my Masters too. I am in Novara.

Hi there,
My name is Beata. I am Polish married with Italian and have 2 kids.We used to live in Ireland, Netherlands and England and now just on the move  to Salento Italy.I am looking for any other expats families living there speaking English and Italian willing to spend some quality time :) We are very open and friendly people X

Hi guys! 😊
My name is Nelly and I'll be heading to Udine in a few days from Nairobi. Will be there for work for about a year. Really excited about a new experience and meeting new people. I'm also quite nervous since I have never left my country and don't really know anyone there..but it's all good, it's a great opportunity!

I'm Hockson, Indian architect just moved to Milan.

My wife and I are visiting Sicily and maybe Calabria in February. We hope to move to Southern Italy eventually. We're Americans & musicians living in Boise, ID.

Hey, my name sharon I just moved to italy, Rome and am 17, I'd love it if anybody who has a job offer should please contact me, thank you.

Hi! I've just moved to Sicily and will be there for a year. Cheers

Hello! I live within the beatiful Smoky mountains of East Tennessee and have plans, Lord willing, to travel to Italy in early May of 2017. It's a dream I'd love to realize while I'm still walking and before I croak, whichever comes first. Hope to start off in Verona, where my ex was stationed while in the Army. Would love to communicate with folks, in that or surrounding areas. Thank you and looking forward to hearingfrom you!

Hi I'm Rose, and was wondering if you and your wife made it to Italy this past summer.

I'm a Zimbabwean living in milan. Would love to meet other South Africans

Hi Tim. I'm from Harare.

Where do u live? I'm ex Zimbabwean living in Milan

Hello everyone my name is Fotini and i moved in Lecce in September, will be here for a year. I would love to meet new people and make friends. If anyone is interested in getting coffee or a walk let me know.  hope to hear back soon.. cheers


Ciao everyone,

I am Katarina (people call me Kate) and I am from Serbia. I am living in italy since October 2014, I am a student of Politecnico di Milano and my cours is in Lecco. I have spent  some time abroad in Thailand, Portugal and USA. I just came back from USA to finish my master and hopefully find job. Since I finished all my courses in Lecco I moved to Milan to live with my boyfriend! 

Although I love spending time with my boyfriend and his lovely friends I would really like to have friends of my own.

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