New members of the Finland forum, introduce yourself here – 2016

Hi all,

Newbie on the Finland forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Finland if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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I am new in Finland. I am a professional Indian chef and will be looking for job on receieving work permit here.I am looking to make friends here because i am alone.l am learning local language these days.

Welcome to the FORUM Riaz,

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rajariaz :

I am new in Finland. I am a professional Indian chef and will be looking for job on receieving work permit here.I am looking to make friends here because i am alone.l am learning local language these days.

I am new to Helsinki and am looking to meet friends. I do not speak Finnish yet. I have lived in many countries and would love to meet people from anywhere. =)

I will visit Helsinki soon my sister lived there. I will also try my luck to find job (nanny, house helper) as I will try to study their language too.

I am happy to find a good friends here which by chance I can meet soon.

Hi there,

I've just moved to Tampere. I'm a Graphic Designer from Germany, now working in Finland for a while. <3 Tampere, such a nice place to be at. Looking to make new friends.

I was born in Finland . left when i was a toddler. i feel a somehow attached to this country. can someone recommend the right time to vist helsinki?

New member, looking for a good board for expats...gonna be browsing for a while I guess.

Hi, im new here, i come from Vietnam. And now i'm living in Kokkola.

I have recently moved to Rauma and looking to make friends with other females around about my own age group ( 50+) . Gets a bit lonely without female chatter .
I work part time from home while my husband works full time. I have attend dance class, swimming and gym.

Hello everyone, i am living in Turkey and i am living a life which i didnt choose at the first place. And i wanna leave this country as soon as possible. I graduated from university this year and finished the biology department. I love Finland so much. I am looking for any kind of help for me to move there. Idea, a way, an opinion, maybe a job offer everything. I heard Finnish people are helper, so i need your help. Please somebody hear me...

Hello all! I have just moved to Helsinki from the Uk to live with my Finnish girlfriend. This is my first time living outside of the UK although I have visited Finland a lot in the last 2 years.

Would be great to meet some people with similar stories or experiences or just good advice. Maybe when I have been here a little longer and I know a little more I will be able to help others.

I do have some specific questions about working and stuff but I assume there is a special board for posting this sort of stuff so for know I will just say hello!

Hello all,

I moved to Finland on September 1st, and it looks like I'll be in Helsinki for a year. What happens after my contract ends is a mystery to unfold :)

Now that I count, Finland is the 7th country I'm living in. Started learning Finnish right away and am really enjoying it. Took an intensive class even though it was tiring to go there every day after work... It ended last week but I'm starting the 2nd level at the end of October, a less intensive class with only 2 days a week. Because I do need some time for other things as well!

Finland is very green and I love it, I want to spend time outdoors whenever the weather permits. I love hiking, wildlife and being/walking in nature in general. It would be great to  organize events with people who like these.


Greetings to all the family. I am looking for a job in Finland.  I am currently working here in Nairobi, Kenya . I am a trained supply chain professional and I have working experience (my current job is in this area). I also have qualifications and experience in the field of ICT. I am seeking an opportunity in Finland, and as such, I am looking to find an employer who can hire me and send me a job offer so I can apply for a visa on that background.

I would highly appreciate if you can give me any advise for this one.  Thank you.

my name is Gladys.
im a French girl leaving in London. im moving to Helsinki in January.
I don't know anyone there

getting along with people here is a little difficult cause of finnish introvert culture. though you can make new friends once you are here.

Hi All !!! am venezuelan living in oulu, just have a few weeks in here and i love finland, i hope can find some people who i can talk and going out sometimes !!

Hi Kelly, I'm Jenny from Philippines. I'm living in Klaukkala, I just move in 2 months ago. I'm also interested to meet somebody to talk to and meet up someday.Im married to Finnish and we have a 12 year old son.

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Hii I am new on this site, I am Asia and I just moved to jyvaskyla Finland 10days ago, i am married to a Finnish man, I speak English and French .I do not know anyone here and would love to meet some friends. Am pretty laid back and easy going .looking forward to meet ya.

Hi! I'm New Zealander here until February visiting and looking to move here mid 2017 with my girlfriend (who is Finnish). Currently in Tampere seeing the sights, unfortunately I don't speak Finnish yet so looking for some English speaking friends in similar situations and maybe have a beersie or two and a catch up!


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