New members of the Ecuador forum, introduce yourself here – 2016

Hi, I'm John.  I'm an Ophthalmologist living in a small town (15k) in Oregon.  I'm seriously considering permanently (10+ years) moving to Ecuador in 6 years (2022).  By that time everything here will have been paid off and I will have a decent income (easily eligible for pensioners visa) but it's not SS income because I'll be too young by 7 years or so.  But thats a small detail I can work out later. 

I've done two medical mission trips to Ecuador (many others elsewhere) so far and totally loved it (Loja/Carimanga and Guayaquil- two totally opposite situations but I loved both). Spent a couple days in Quito and Cuenca but I'm not sure I could do the city life thing (I've lived in a town of 15k for 11 years now and got used to it).  Loved both Quito and Cuenca, Guayaquil didn't push my buttons but would be acceptable on a limited basis (already have contacts there).

Wherever I go I need to be needed.

Last formal Spanish classes were in the 80's.  I've been working feverishly since I need to be fluent in 5 years, hopefully sooner.

CarloA :

Am 64, active.  Arriving on the south coast late next week (mid-August 2016).

Spent two years in EC, mostly in Cuenca, Otavalo and Vilcabamba ending late last year...

Will be in the area looking for a home to buy for awhile, then back north to clean things up for long term move....

Targeting the Salinas area for real estate.  Maybe Canoa.

Welcome to the Ecuador forum, Carlos.

This thread is for intro’s only, so I’m addressing an important issue you raised, over on the thread called “Fielding Your Questions:  New Members Want to Know....” … =3#3327963

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I am new here and I want some help in finding information about living in Ecuador  and connecting with people who can provide some advice.

I am from Damascus , Syria, I hold a bachelor's degree in English literature from the University of Damascus, and did lots of English teacher training and I have TKT (Teaching knowledge test) Practical teacher training (CELTA based practical course),  was working as Customer Services Assistant at British Council Syria,Damascus and in 2013  I traveled to Egypt, I worked with British council in Egypt for two years as IELTS exam administrator.

So we are shiny new expats in Cuenca. Shiny new to Ecuador anyway. We have been traveling around the world since 2008 and have now decided to see if Cuenca might be our new home base.

I am a chef/wine educator/writer and my wife is a photographer. Together we have written more than a half dozen books and have traveled to 135 countries (and counting).

As we have circumnavigated the world we have offered 7 course wine dinners and wine classes wherever we have gone. Chances are we will do the same here, eventually.

In the mean time we are excited to meet new people, share our adventures and hear about your's.

If you want to pop a cork sometime, let us know, we will be there!

:cool:  Peeking in and saying Hello to all you folks from my place here on the beach in Montañita...

I have been living in Ecuador on the coast for over 8 years and during that time I have also been active on Social Media as Moderator and Administrator of the largest and most active groups on Facebook and the Web dedicated to Expats in Ecuador. 

Combining my ongoing life experience, continuing updated knowledge from my social media work,  research ability from my background as an attorney with experience in international law, and my knowledge of Spanish language I have for a number of years been giving private consults to people considering making the change to live in Ecuador.

Now it is easier than ever to contact me and schedule a time to speak with me personally to discuss your questions about moving, retiring, living, working, investing, or simply traveling to Ecuador! 

I´ll be around responding to questions I can help with and if there is something you would like to ask, about Ecuador, making the choice to move, how to do it, pretty much anything, let me now!



Welcome back to’s Ecuador forum, Susan.

I have appreciated your longtime dedication as moderator and participant at the Expat E------- Ecuador online-forum .. so we welcome your contributions here, going forward. :)


Cool! C3

...say anyone ever mention you like ...naw...never mind  :lol:

Welcome on board Susan !

Hi. I'm Mike, sometimes better known as the Mayor of Las Colinas. A honorary title and one of distinction. I'm doing research on the country and the various parts to determine areas of interest. I'm planning a trip after the first of the year, in 2017. I'm thinking that a month to 6 weeks would be enough time to see the inland cities and beach areas in which I'm interested. I am also doing research and have interest in Nicaragua. So, I would like to hear from others who have experience in both countries. I have 40+ years of marketing and sales experience -  working mostly with entrepreneurs. I will soon start drawing my SSI monthly payments to enjoy and have a joyful life. I am 63 and healthy and want to find a place to let my dollars go further than in the states. I'm looking forward to meeting some of you online and perhaps getting together to meet you on my trip. I look forward to knowing more and reading everyone's input. I currently live in Irving, TX just outside of Dallas, TX. Thanks in advance for your comments.

Irving!  Home of the Cowboys!

I have fond memories of the D/FW metroplex fom the 80´s and also up around lake Bridgeport and Chico, TX.

I have been here in Ecuador for over 8 years now and ran hostel in the town of Anconcito, part of the Salinas municipality (aka Canton Salinas)for most of that time.  I´m now working on revamping that property and spending more time up the coast in Montañita.

Glad to hear you will be looking at the Coast as well as the Sierra ... and sounds like you are making great plans.

Hola everyone!  My name is Linda and I have been living in Cuenca for the past year and a half.  I´m not your average expat, not that any of you are average =), but I am working a couple of jobs, looking to start a business, and doing a little bit of everything.  I´m also fluent in Spanish.  Just wanted to send a warm welcome to everyone and feel free to message me if you have any questions or need some advice.  I´m always happy to help out my fellow adventurers!

HI, I came to Cuenca in early September to explore the possibility of retiring here.  I am a people person, so much of that decision depends on how easily I can make new friends here.  I have started Spanish lessons, taken a city tour, spend hours walking around and discovering the city and have attended the symphony twice.  I am planning a tour of the Inca ruins next week.  Anyone want to go?  So anyway, I must admit I am enjoying everything except being alone.  Ideas, comments, advice and friends are welcome.  Thanks, Ann

Hello everyone out there!!! My name is Jorge , 52 years old..and i was born and raised in Ecuador . My parents started sending me to the States since the age of 5, after school break from here . I didl my High School and College years in Massachusetts. And finally came back to Ecuador since 1986. Yes, i've been here for over 30 years.. ***

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My wife and I entertain regularly, and are also new to Cuenca. We will be having our first event this Saturday (October 8th). If you enjoy food and wine (and that goes for everyone reading this) I invite you to join our MeetUp group

We have had a great time meeting people all over the world this way, and I am sure you will too!

Hi, I am retiring in 1 to 2 years, and have been researching Ecuador for the past six months. I have planned a trip for next May. I will be flying into Quito and staying in that area for three nights, then I have 4 nights free before Cuenca. I am thinking of renting a car and driving to Cuenca. There will be four of us for this leg of the trip. Do we need to make reservations and if so what areas would you suggest? I think I am interested in settling in the Cuenca to Loja area.

Hi everybody
I'm Dave and will be emigrating to live in Quito and to marry my Ecuadorian partner next Autumn (Fall for our American cousins :-)) .

We are actively now looking for land and will build a new home, but until that is complete will live in San Rafael. 

I am proactively learning Spanish with a great on line Skype teacher from Quito, and its going well....... so that when I come to visit this Christmas I won't be so "left out"!!

I'm hoping that this Forum will help to generate the beginnings of a network, both ex-pat and professional,  I will be looking for occasional or temp consultancy work in project and programme leadership probably ......... but will keep my ear  to the ground for anything that may come up.

Anyway - please include me on any tips or info

hi from Vancouver, B.C.
Hope to retire there in 5 yrs or less as I want a Panama hat made in Ecuador. Heard about its affordability and great health care system.
I want to live in a country full of culture, arts and beauty.
Not sure if the bf wants to come to retire. we've travelled to Cuba, Mexico and Dominican Republic.

Hi everyone,

Kevin here, from Los Angeles. Accountant, married with 2 very young children (3 and 0 - young enough to learn new language/move around). Wife and I are into finance/real estate investment in the US. We are both originally from Indonesia (Jakarta and Malang). I just got my US citizenship this year, my wife had to wait till 2018. Looking into early retirement/financial independence to spend more time with the children. Had initially planned to move to Plano, TX, but it is still the US. Want change and looking to visit Cuenca, Ecuador on 2/8 - 2/19/2017. Depending on what we see we'll probably sell our stuffs and move around June - August 2017. Prioritize (1) Safety, (2) Education, (3) Healthcare when we chose Cuenca. We don't speak Spanish.

Why Cuenca? safer than LA, high altitude, spring-like weather, no mosquito (zika), beautiful surroundings, lots of hiking/things to do, cheap, high CDs rate, close enough to US, cultural, good public transport (upcoming light rail?), good hospital/clinics, easy immigration, friendly folks, good food, there is internet, can home-school, ...

Anyone can correct me and tell me otherwise abt Cuenca :)

I'm from Denver, CO...I'm nearing finalization of my pension visa. I lived in Guatamala for 3 years, speak rudimentary spanish. I'm 70, male,spiritual.

Both born and raised in southeast texas and now my hubby and I are looking to explore Ecuador! 
I've traveled to many places and have enjoyed learning and seeing this wonderful world. We recently traveled to Ecuador in July and now coming back for two months to experience this wonderful country with hopes of moving soon.

We will be arriving December 30th. So far scheduled we have two weeks in Quito,  two weeks in otavalo,  with free plans for the rest of our two months. I surly want to visit cuenca and the coast as well.
I'm excited about this site and look forward to meeting new friends and gaining much insight about moving to and living in Ecuador!

My name is Leah Grace O'Brien. I have lived in Quito on and off since 2013. I originally came to Ecuador to do volunteer work with street children. I fell in love with the country and decided to stay.

I recently returned to Quito after living and working in New England. I work in a substance abuse clinic as a clinician and have a lot of passion for the work I do. I am also a Hepatitis C advocate. I am currently looking for work as an English teacher in Quito.

I am looking to meet progressive, interesting people in and around Quito. I enjoy photography, philosophy, reading, writing, as well as practicing my Spanish. Finding a workout buddy would be fantastic!

Welcome Leah!

Cuenca is a little far to travel even for a really good workout, but if you do get to Cuenca look us up!

Jan 👫 Steve


We have lived in Ecuador for 4 years.. we learned a lot.  We understand about returning home.. it works for the United States too. 
We first settled in Quito, we were there for three years.. in a small town at the base of Mitad Del Mundo, the middle of the world.  It was a very small barrio, about an hour outside of Quito centro. 
In Ecuador there are many micro climates.. so the weather reported in Centro,, was nothing like what we had in San Antonio, Mitad del Mundo.. when we thought of Quito,, we never knew that it was a city that was 5 hours across,, when you tried to get from South Quito to North Quito in traffic.
We lived near a bus line, but it took 1 1/2 hours to get to town central or a 25.oo taxi ride.. as they only use the meters in the city,, and we were outside the city limits..
There are a lot of foreigners in Quito,, but a lot of them are working professionals.. and didn't have a lot in common with retirees.  We finally after three years moved to Cuenca,, which no matter what people tell you,, is wetter, colder and more expensive.
All that aside,, they speak much more English here,, so when you enter a phone store,, there is a person who speaks English,, when you want Direct TV installed,, the person speaks english,, in restaurants,, they cater to you and someone speaks english.. you will not find that in Quito.  Gringo Post and Cuenca High life has translators and facilitators that will help you with anything else that you need if the business only speaks spanish,, and it is easy here..
I am adjusting again to Cuenca.. I love it,, it is a smaller city, closer to everything,, and has cultural events that are easy to get to and taxi's that don't cost an arm and a leg to get home.. and they use the meters.  That alone is worth gold.
So.. if you want some information,, write back,, we learned everything the hard way,, the only way to do it here..

Denise not in Denver Anymore..

Dear Ammar,,

Here in Ecuador, the base money is very low for a English teacher,, unless you are working at the University level.. so be forewarned.  If you are looking for an excellent city, lots of things to do that don't cost much, cultural events galor.. this is the place for you..

Open English, is popular for a teaching gig.. but if you have the credentials,, your visa can be linked to a professional status.. so it is worth looking into.  The college's here are wonderful.. and possibly that could be a way to start for you.

Denise Toepel

Hello photofoodsandfun,
I am moving to Ecuador soon, I read in blog that you r chef. So can you please help me out for looking job in Ecuador . I have more than 10 yrs of exprience of cooking in India as well as in Canada . Diploma holder in hotel Managment and masters in hotel management .  Any kind of help appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Hi everybody,

Thanks to those who introduced themselves on this thread. Wish you a warm welcome on :)

@ viren_panwar18 > I invite you to post your job search in the jobs in Ecuador section, it is more appropriate.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Sorry, I haven't been here long enough to have any restaurant connections yet. Best of luck!

Actually, the post by the guy looking for a job is going to be much more effective here.

In fact, one of the places to check on jobs when you arrive is in Montanita where I live. Another the Salinas area.

This is Temporada and the time when the hospitaity & tourism field is looking for good qualified workers.

Since I have no reason to go looking for workers in the "jobs in Ecuador" portion of this site if he had only posted his interest there I would not have known to communicate with verin_panwar 18.

I also want to take a moment and inform people that I am a professional consultant on Ecuador (living, moving, retiring, etc.) In addition to living here for over 8 years on the coast and running a successful business, my background is in law including studying international law in Cambridge UK.  Besides that I am the moderator and administrator of another site for expats as well as two Ecuador pages on Facebook with a combined membership of over 14,000 people which provides me up to date feedback on the best and worst of the expat service providers.  You can contact me through the Private Message Email button and I would be happy to assist you in answering any questions you might have.

By the way, I did attempt to post this in the "jobs in Ecuador" section and my post was blocked and discarded. Once again proving that the "jobs in Ecuador" portion of this site is practically useless for both the Posters and those Reading.  Perhaps this will change in the future.

So, no Priscilla, again this is not the best suggestion. 

But since I have your attention, why not tell us all about yourself and how long you have lived in Ecuador and how you came to be the moderator of this forum.  I now everyone must be interested to know!

Susan_in_Ecuador :

I did attempt to post this in the "jobs in Ecuador" section and my post was blocked and discarded. Once again proving that the "jobs in Ecuador" portion of this site is practically useless for both the Posters and those Reading.  Perhaps this will change in the future.

So, no Priscilla, again this is not the best suggestion. 

But since I have your attention, why not tell us all about yourself and how long you have lived in Ecuador and how you came to be the moderator of this forum.  I know everyone must be interested to know!

Susan, you might consider sending a PM message to Priscilla about the problem you encountered at the Jobs in Ecuador section.  Perhaps it’s fixable.

Although Priscilla is the principal moderator of the Ecuador forum, she -- like the other moderators for the many forums around the world -- works from the Home Office in Mauritius.

Mauritius is one of the islands in the Mascarene archipelago in the Indian Ocean.  Fact:  monsoon season in that region is January through March, only about one week away.


Note:  Although this New Members thread is supposedly for new-member introductions only, I deviate from the official policy from time to time in order to correct errors or misperceptions that I consider important to address.  Please, folks, start a new thread or post on an existing thread other than this one .. if your post is not a self-introduction as a new member :) .


I will look into that CCCMedia...

But for the time being, know that  I did converse with Julien the owner of this site in a number of lengthy emails about advertising on the site which ended with ...sort of a ... non-response.  After sounding interested and ready after 5 messages more or less Julien never responded with a rate sheet.

And you see that when I did go ahead and publish in the JOBS section it was removed. 

Too bad they don´t let real people who have a service advertise since that would be a  much more beneficial to expats (I think) then links to MegaWars and PLAY NOW Guessing they have sufficient paying advertisers -- though the choice of advertisers is strangely similar to those on a fake-news or porn site.

Anyway, thanks for cluing me in that Priscilla the "moderator" of the Ecuador Forum is someone who lives near India and not someone who knows anything about the country of Ecuador in South America.

It explains why so many of her questions to the forum don´t actually apply to living, working, traveling or retiring to this country. 

Seems like you should get the gig CCMedia  ...and the pay.  You do much more than she does, are online more often, and have the experience of actually living in the Country this forum is all about.

You´d get my vote!  Just sayin´


My name is devon and I'm looking at the possibility of moving to ecuador with my wife and living off my VA disability. I was wondering is there was any other people in my same situation that could private message me so I can ask a few questions. We're actually traveling down there for vacation on January 4th 2017 to check it out for a few weeks.

Hi My girlfriend and I are both teachers in the UK and are thinking about applying for a job in Quito. So anyone who would like to have a chat about what its like over there and about some questions I have would be amazing.


hello i am Pamela from Quito, Ecuador used to live in the US currently living in my country for i love it and working as a part time english teacher, divorced no children and hoping to meet a good American or European guy...

Hello, my name is Rebecca I am a potter in Colorado and am planning to visit Cuenca in the Spring 2017, then possibly move there in late Summer 2017! I have furry friends  that I hope to bring with me!

Hello, I am a potter in Colorado. I'm planning to visit Cuenca in the Spring of 2017, then a possible move in the late Summer of 2017. I'll be looking into bringing my furry friends with me, two dogs and a cat! I hope to teach Ceramics as well as show and sell my work! See you soon!

Hi, I am Steffen from Munich (Germany). Seems there are not that many Europeans in this forum. Me and my wife, together with our five kids (1y - 14y) are preparing to move to Ecuador. My wife is from the Sierra and thus our home base will be up in Ambato.
I am looking for any experiences about schools in the Sierra, as well as contacts in the Tungurahua region. We still got 7 Months to go here in old Europe and any tips, tricks, experiances and feedback are warmly welcome.

See some of you soon!


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