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I accepted an expat contract and will be living in Bogota for a couple years. I work in IT and am super excited to start in Bogota.

I'm interested in meeting new friends, especially if you play tennis and would like to practice Spanish, I need it!


Looking for info on Colombia? Google sites on Colombia or certain cities. There's lots of info online. is good n offers info on many helpful things

Hi, I'm Bill  from the USA. I lived in medellin for 2 years and recently moved to manizales. I'd like to connect with some extranjeros here to get acclimated and get some basic info and a group to connect with. Seems like a really nice place here.


I am Jeff. While new to the Colombia forum, I have been on for some time. I have definite plans of moving overseas and a projected date of summer 2017. I have been looking all over the globe but so far the two most appealing countries to me are Mexico and Colombia. I have visited both within the past year. I also have friends who live in each country and American friends who have visited one country or the other. So I get a lot of information from these sources.

I am single and have a 21 year old daughter who attends university in the US.

Hi I'm Shiue I'm a Caregiver with Certificate and has experience in home care and in clinic... I was planning to come in Bogota by the end of this year or early next year January, I was looking for Job home care or clinic,.

Hello,  I recently arrived I cartegena and joined this forum. I saw your post about needing help in the field and about menga house. I will look that up next.  I was in the U. S. Military  for seventeen  years and have some medical training. I would be interested  in talking to you about your needs and maybe visiting you. Anyone else that might be able to connect with me for advice  would be welcome.

Hi Glen,  I am a seventeen year veteran of the US military. O recently arrived in cartegena and joined this expat  site to link up with others here and saw your post about your work and minga house.  I would be interested in talking to you  about long term service. I can't pay to play  but if you need another dependable and versatile hand I have no problem relocating. Please contact me here**. I look forward to hearing from you.

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My name is April, and I am planning on becoming an expat and permanent resident of Columbia once I retire in a couple of years. Right now, my project is to begin planning the move, learn the language and learn as much I can about Columbia.

Hi April. I don't live in Colombia but after visiting there last year it was #1 on my list.


I just learned recently that Colombia imposes a tax on anyone who has stayed in the country for 183 days or more. The tax is imposed on all earnings worldwide, even if none of the money ever touched Colombian soil. Simply by virtue of the fact that you lived there, they feel entitled to tax all your income.

Worse, Colombia and the US have a tax data sharing agreement but not a reciprocal tax agreement. meaning that Colombia will know about money you earn in the US because the US government will report it to them. However they will not take into account any taxes you've already paid to the US government. So you could end up being double-taxed on some or all of your income.

Hello, just joined this forum today. My name is Mimi, or Mina and I'm currently in Bogota until December 1st. Staying  in Manizales there after. I am a Brooklyn born Trinidadian with some prior understanding  of Spanish. Looking to open a restaurant, (though open to other jobs) and live happily in my Finca, located in Villamaria Manizales. I would like to get to know other expats, especially those in vicinity.

It's not hard at all. I am a nigerian but I live in bogota. I have been wowed by the way people mobe around everywhere with their dogs. It's a pretty normal sight here.

That you do much for the valuable information. I certainly don't intend to move to another country to be hit with double jeopardy in regard to taxes when I am trying to off set my living expenses.

According to the rules of's Home Office in the Mascarene Islands, this New Members thread is supposed to be reserved for introductions only.

However, I am deviating from that policy in order to clear up one or more factual errors stated above on this thread about the tax situation in Colombia.

Yes, the taxes can be onerous for high-level earners from North America who are staying in COL for more than 183 days out of any 365-day period.

However, foreign citizens can deduct from their Colombia tax obligation any federal taxes paid in the United States or elsewhere.

Ipso facto, the double taxation that the Brooklyn Mermaid is worrying about is not a problem for many Expats considering or already relocated to Colombia.

Also, inherited income is not taxed in Colombia.

And there is a graduated scale by which lower-income earners are not necessarily hit hard by Colombia taxing authorities.

NB:  the government of Colombia is redoing the tax laws, although any changes are not expected to be more favorable than before to Expats.

If there is further discussion of this important topic, please don’t post it on this New Members thread, but rather start a new thread on the subject .. or post on an existing thread relevant to the tax discussion.

cccmedia from Popayán, Colombia

Hello All!

Gaz here. will be moving to Cali next month for an internship from Berlin.
Given that I have just started learning Spanish, I plan on surviving through help from english speaking expats, at least for a couple of months.
Would be fun to meet up with you guys for drinks. Cheers!

Hello :)

My name is Luke, I currently live in the United States. I found this forum mainly to hopefully get some info about sending a package to my friend who lives near Cartagena. I'll make a separate post about it - but to summarize. She works at an Orphanage and her birthday is coming up at the end of January. She really misses Cool Ranch Doritos. And as some of you probably know all she can find is Mega Queso. Kind of a silly mission I know :)

Anyhow it's good to be here!


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