New members of the Canada forum, introduce yourself here – 2016

Hi there I'm willing to work and live in Canada

Hi do u live in states or Canada I'm willing to move to US or canada

Yea iam looking for job and want move canada

Hi !
I am Stephanie. 31 year old french girl. In exactly 1 week, I will move to Vancouver, with my little cat. I will arrive with a WHV and plan to find a job in my field : digital marketing.
This is not my 1st experience abroad : I grew up in Morrocco, England and Germany.
I like traveling, cooking (and eating :p), reading, movies and TV shows, outdoor activities and the ocean.
If some of you are in Vancouver and think we share common interests, I will be happy to meet them over coffee to talk about Vancity and travels :)

hi stephanie how are you ? could you please tell me how you got a job in canada ? I live in dubai and willing to move to canada and work there could you please tell me how you the job in canada ?

Hi everyone and welcome on board  :)

@ Faizal24, i suggest you read the Living in Canada guide, specially the work section to gather as much information as possible and to drop an advert in the Jobs in Canada section.

This thread is only for the introduction of members, so if you need further information on job, please create a new detailed topic on the Canada forum.

All the best,

Hello, everyone, my name is Erica and I wish to migrate to Canada for a better life and opportunities. I have many friends in Canada and have always loved the country. I am married with a daughter. My husband has almost 10 years of experience in shipping, He is a qualified master mariner. I am a lawyer in India. I would love to hear from people who have migrated and are living in Canada. Any suggestions, advice would be of a great help. Thanks.

Hello everyone I am Portuguese living in England with my wife, she have dual nationality Canadian/Portuguese, she was born in Canada she lived when she was a kid, she is nurse with Portuguese certificate and 2 years experience in England, we are thinking to move to Canada its a big step and we don't know if she can work like a nurse in Canada and if can go with her, and we would like to know how its the life in Canada, living there...

thank you very much

Although I have dropped by the forum a number of times, I don't think I ever posted an official hello. I am David and currently reside in the U.S. I am a bit of an anomaly as I have a very good job in educational support (Instructional Design) at a medical school, am well established, and can likely spend the rest of my life at a job I enjoy. I am also over 50 and not the typical demographic to be looking at making a move to Canada, but after living in and studying in Canada several years ago I decided this is where I want to be. The process, however, is quite challenging. ILETS exam, paperwork, and more paperwork, even though I am fluent in English and have a very good work history and credentials, it seems it is not enough. Plus age is working against me. I am hopeful to at least make some connections and perhaps even learn of jobs in educational support, particularly instructional design and technology, although have also taught college level courses in Business and Technology.

Hi all

My Name is Chris (36) and me and my Wife-to-be Sarah (35) and our 5 week old son are looking to move to Canada from the UK, we're looking at the Calgary area.

ill be honest we have no idea where to start or what to do or even who to speak too, we hope we can get some advice from those that have done it on here!

Am nakawooya angel looking for ajob in Canada as a house keeper or as ananny

Hello to everyone!
I am originally from Kyrgyzstan(Central Asia,near Kazakistan), and i want to move to Canada. The question to who have immigrated already:" band 5 in IELTS Exam is enough to apply  to immigrate?"

Tell me something good about Canada..

Hi Guys.. how are you?

I 'd like to ask you,i am a teacher too. Is it possible to work there with my degree or i need canadian education.

:) thanks for info. I am a teacher of enlish language as a second language.also i have a degree teach kids in primary school.

Hi everybody, my name is sherif . I am originally from
Egypt , I moved to Canada  with my family 12 years
Ago . I live in Calgary one of the best cities in canada.
I really love canada,it is my second home .

Hello Guys,

I am Mazen Mostafa, i am Egyptian.
I have just started my immigration process through express entry program. I am Electrical Engineer, currently working in Saudi Arabia.
I like the quantity of information you are sharing on this forum, it is useful. As a newbie i have loads of questions, i will try to find my way through ;)

Everybody is more than welcomed to get in touch, Thanks

Am in Africa wana move to work and stay in canada.

My name is Malek Kalmoni. I am a female from Ghana and I am currently in Canada. I stayed in Ottawa for 8 months and currently in Toronto in search of a job. I would love to meet with fellow expats or Canadians alike. I am a free spirit. Would love to meet friends.
You are more than welcome to send me a message anytime!

Have an awesome day guys!

:) hello,
My name is fayaaz. I am 26years old. I am born in South Africa and still live. Trying to come out of poverty,  with no help because my dad died when I was little has been difficult. I was able to study ancillary health care nursing and now I Want to be a live in caregiver in Canada. I heard there is a program were Canadian families take caregivers from other countries. They fly them to Canada and help with visa but I don't know how to find these families and apply to them. I worked already 3 years as a caregiver for a family. Any advice or help will be appreciated 
Thank you for reading  :)

I a sudanese, live in Sudan, I am planning to move to Canada to finish my PhD in Chemistry and to settle there. I dont know where to start from>> please, share with me your experiences.

I am maduranga from sri lanka.I am a accountant who is looking to move to canada through skill visa.can any one tell me about the job market in canada in finance field...

My name is Sharif. I'm Egyptian willing to move to Welland, Ontario next January 2017. I will begin my study at Niagara college. I want to get a postgraduate certificate in Tourism management. I'm already accepted and in the process of getting study permit.

Heloo..good evening in our time here in the philipines..My name is peter amil inojales and Im 26 years old and im married for a couple months ago..I was wondering if any one here in this forum could guide me the steps on how to process applications going to Canada my any means..I really love to work abroad and i was hoping if God willing,i can work especially in Canada.Im looking for an employer who could otherwise sponsor me going to that certain country in exchange of full service as a healthcare provider and by its incentives and benefits I know my stance as giving care that individual needs.

More power to this forum....

Hello My name is Fadi Nafti I am 23 and from tunisia i joined this site to get more information and possibly help with my plans to relocate to canada so that i may start my life with my fiance. i am looking for a work visa that could have the potential for permanences.

Thank you for the warm regards Expat Canada Forum Members.
I am Agegnehu, 28 male basically from Ethiopia currently living in South Korea, wanting to move to Canada. My project in Canada is to continue my study and work to support my study in which I was not able to finish my degree due to political factors. Please feel free to view my profile and hopefully will meet some one or groups with a Canadian citizenship who are interested to help for my status. I am able to provide for my expenses.
Any information or advice is also very helpful!
Thank you for your time,

Hi all,

I am gonna travel to Canada for study in a couple of next months and maybe arrive in Winnipeg in March or Apr. Just wanna say Hello to every one in this forum. By the way, I am Henry from Saigon, Vietnam. Furthermore, I have also worked for over 4 full years in Logistics and Supply Chain management.

I am gonna to study post-grad in UOM for over a year which maybe differ a lot from my current education. Nice to see you all here.


Welcome Henry. I've been to Winnipeg only once. Flat land, cold but a nice place no doubt.

Hi Philip Yeo,

Great thanks about your comment. By the way, do you know how many days WInnipeg has its temperature below zero celsius, Philip?

hi Andrea, happy to know that there still is someone here to respond to our question. so how is the life there?? the formalities of entrances as a student i am a student in Usa but this country geeting hard. thanks look forward to read you

Hello. Here I am, 56 years of age, I live currently in Michigan. There's a wonderful girl who lives in Toronto; around her I truly feel like I can be myself, without any pretenses. I am pretty sure she knows I'm interested in her. We first met back in 2002(?) at a science fiction convention in Toronto. We corresponded sparingly for thirteen years.
Then last year I visited her and, well, let's just say I've gone back several times on quick vacation trips since then. I never thought that a girl who is my true intellectual equal would be a Canadian! That's not a bad thing at all.
I've loved Canada as a second the point where I now call myself a "Soutpiel Geek!"
And this scares the crap out of me. Help. :)

My name is Pascal Chellen, i'm 30 and married. Born in Mauritius. I love music, photography, video editing and i've my own group here in mauritius name (A4C).I always wanted to come to canada to work and to improve my life and for my family as well.

I really need help, cause life here is not comparable to overseas.
i want the best for my family, i'm ready to do any kind of work just to improve my quality life, and for my little girl and for my newborn baby boy...

Hi everyone ...
My name is Ahmad, 32 years old, Egyptian, live and work in Jeddah - KSA, married and have 2 little kids.
Working as Executive manager in a hotel supplies company i built since Jan 2013.
looking forward to move to Canada or Europe and start a small business over there.
still sourcing information about the better place and the easy way to move and launch a new beginning over there.

who likes to offer information about his experience in immigration or moving permanently or starting over there can text me ... i will appreciate that too much. :)

Hiya all,

My name is Armand, I am originally from France but live in London (UK) for the past 15 years (with a break in Spain for about 8 months).
I am just starting the process to move to Quebec. After being in London for so long, I feel it is time to have a fresh start in a nice welcoming country and Quebec seems like a logical choice.

See ya soon all !!

Hi Guys,

i am Fahad Palestinian guy 27 years living in Saudi Arabia, i want and planing to move to Canada as my uncle is there since 4 months but i don`t know what is the purpose so please may any one can help me i will be very appreciate. Thanks


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