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Introducing myself to you all! Greetings from a hot humid and dusty Dubai day (currently 43 degrees). I am from UK and married to a British Zimbabwean with one son (age 10). We've lived in UAE for 6 years and will be moving to SR later this year.
Hoping to enjoy chilling out after a stressful few years, and settling in for approx. 6 months stay. Will be keen to hear any wisdom for newbies with children and English schools, getting sorted with all the usual...
I'm also a blogger and if anyone needs website copy, press releases or any other short writing assignments, I'm your gal.

Welcome , if you have not been to Cambodia , even after reading all the post I have yet to see a downside , other than government problems , but I'm from USA , we have Donald trump , so it is nothing compared to our new hitler candidate , but the people in Cambodia are so kind , and your children will get a real education , the word I describe Cambodia, and I have been here only 4 months , it's just raw

thank you!
that's encouraging!
I hear you on the state of the world - SR seems like a good place to hole up for a while. My son is a great traveller and enjoys an adventure, just hope he finds this next chapter meets with his approval :-) A few obstacles to overcome to get us there, but have a great feeling about it.
Thanks again

Hi, I am Hanno. I have been living in Siem Reap for 7 years after 10+ years in Vietnam, stints in Dubai, China, and Luxembourg. I grew up in Kenya and guess I am 100% expat:-)

Welcome, these discussions can get heated here ha , love it enjoy yourself , I would think that with you being a true expat , your opinion is more informative than others especially mine , I would love to hear your take on Cambodia , although I laugh when people cut in line at lucky , smile but just get in front of you , now to some people that might upset you thus the many rude comments , spend a week in Los angles , or basically anywhere in USA then talk to me about rude ha , welcome here I hope you will love it !

Hello everyone, I just joint expat group nice to see all of you.

treybrice409 :

Any ideas or hints? I am going to come over with 5k and my dog :)

About what exactly?

Hi everyone, my name is Mick and my wife is Vineta.
Just starting to look into the possibility of moving to Siem Reap for a few years to see if we can make a difference in the local community while enjoying the experience we have had while travelling extensively in Asia. Any suggestions on how to start preparing (we have about 24 months to get it together) would be appreciated. I have extensive experience in Supply Chain including logistics, inventory, warehousing and procurement and would like to pick up some work which will benefit the community, perhaps through teaching or mentoring. My wife is qualified and  experienced educator with children 0-5 and would be looking to perhaps teach English, whether it be paid or voluntary. Looking forward to hearing from you all.

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One thing I have noticed , is most and I hate to say most! But most Tuk Tuk drivers do not know where most places are unless it's very popular , so be specific , this drives me crazy , I said last week in Siem reap do you know my hotel , oh yes no problem , it took him a hour after many calls , turns out we were less than than 2 minutes from where he picked us up , so if they say they know , and almost always it's " yes I know well" they don't

twinsguy20 :

One thing I have noticed , is most and I hate to say most! But most Tuk Tuk drivers do not know where most places are unless it's very popular , so be specific , this drives me crazy , I said last week in Siem reap do you know my hotel , oh yes no problem , it took him a hour after many calls , turns out we were less than than 2 minutes from where he picked us up , so if they say they know , and almost always it's " yes I know well" they don't

I cannot really second that, I have had few problems in the time I have been here. Having said that, nobody, including me, can keep up with the rash of guesthouses and restaurants that have popped up the last couple of hotels. Not helped by the fact they are all called "Angkor" something:-)

Yes but the real problem for me is I have name and phone number , and biggest problem is the " yes I know exactly where that is " but on the flip side most if not all the Tuk tukdrivers have been extremely nice people ,never rude , always nice ,since I have been in Cambodia 6 months these are some of my best friends ,it's just they need the work , what I really wanted to say is have them call and talk to front desk so they can get real directions , as I blame myself ,I don't speak their language so it's better to have a phone number to your hotel ,quest house etc , and have them call before you get in tuktuk, this is only my limited experience , hey they need the money I certainly don't blame them , but my recomandation  is call hotel before they offer ride , but I love these Tuk Tuk drivers don't get me wrong most have family's and need the money , and I'm never cheap with them , I try to make it worth there while , I find most Khmers are generally trying to help , but competition is steep with so many Tuk Turks , so have a phone number is my real suggestion

Hi my name is Lanie.  We live in Sedgefield, South Africa and we arrived here in Phnom Phen on Saturday, 13 Aug for a 6 month stay.  My husband Paul (Irish) is on a TVET Education project and I am...well...enjoying the adventure.  My job is to scout out places, restaurants etc during the week so I can guide him around on weekends.   I swim, play tennis, play bridge and do pottery so while I am here I would like to keep on doing that.  I have a TESOL certificate but are more interested in learning Khmer at the moment.  We previously lived in Laos and really enjoy South East Asia.

Hi everybody,

I would like to thank new members who introduced themselves successfully here, it is very much appreciated. Welcome to  :cool:

However, there are unfortunately some off topic posts on this thread. For members who wish to discuss on a particular expat related subject or having some questions, please feel free to create a new thread on the Cambodia forum.

As a note : this thread is for introduction of new members only. Thanks :)

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Greetings from Wilmington, N.C.! ...for now. My given name is Anthony. My friends call me Ant. Well, so much has happened and so many different trains of thought have ran through my head, culminating and resulting in my decision to move to Cambodia and teach English. It all began when I started looking in to moving to Thailand in order to help in whatever way I was able, in the fight against human trafficking. Since the vast majority of positions available to untrained people in this field are voluntary, I began looking into ways to support myself while there. I soon learned that it would be rather difficult and ILLEGAL to teach there without a degree! Sheeezz!! Well then I began to look at Myanmar, BRIEFLY. "Briefly", because it didn't take much to discover the "real estate bubble" that exists in Myanmar. So in the natural progression of things, my mind turned towards Cambodia. Bingo! The requirements, (or lack thereof), worked for me. The cost of living, (including real estate), was low. The pay,(relative to the col), was good. As far as the human trafficking issue goes, I can make my contribution from pretty much anywhere in S.E. Asia. I want to make a difference. I want my life to have meaning. I want to be a citizen of the world. I want to take a GIGANTIC LEAP OF FAITH! I currently have no clue how it will all come together. I am simply believing and praying for it. I don't even know how I will get the money to get my online tefl. Again, I am praying and believing. I still struggle with the doubts and frustrations that we all do, but I try to maintain my faith. On that subject, if anyone has any suggestions or stories about how you found help with some of your costs, please let me know. Yikes! This message  is running a bit long, so I'll end here. I am happy to be a new member here on and I am excited and looking forward to hearing from other members. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

Ant welcome and with your attitude you will make it and thrive , Cambodia needs your type of people bless you
Rod   Pp


Well thank you Twinsguy! That was rather encouraging and uplifting! When do you plan to move to Phnom Penh? Where are you now?  Thanks again. God bless you brother!

I'm in phnom , have been here four months after spending a month in March, I will be leaving back to USA on November 1 to vote in our up coming elections , and visit my family , but will return as Southeast Asia is my new home , I might do Laos , or Vietnam , next time , but love Phnom Penh so much , I can't seem to get excited about staying anywhere else , although I will be visiting both places on return trip in late January , good luck in Cambodia , big city is not for everyone , but growing up in small towns , I love Phnom Penh !!!

It's Giang - Viet Nam. Im going to move to Cambodia early of September and plan to stay 1 year. I look for a community to hangout and business discussion - and voluntary/charity also.
I want to know more about the transportation in Cambodia.

My experience is to many transportation options , everywhere , Tuk Tuks  and motos , I am single so I take motos , but only in daytime , they can be a scary ride , Tuk Tuks everywhere , find a nice Tuk Tuk driver and use him , as I have yet to see a woman Tuk Tuk driver , although I never had a problem with thefts , I read about then often keep bag between your feet on floor of Tuk Tuk , but just my take on them is they are very helpful and cheap , if your brave you could rent a moto cheap , or buy one , but I'm not that brave yet , but I'm a day person I hear most problems late at night after bars get going so at night I think Tuk Tuk is best , many good ones best ones I like is ones by vacation boutique , one named john very nice and extremey safe , although there are so many , should be no problem at all getting around

i agree. I have a driver that picks me up every morning from my flat at 10am and finds me at the pub at about 11.30 am and takes me shopping and then home. price
US$ 4.00

It sounds great! nice stories. I know some group doing in human right and I am going to join that group in PP. I hope to get good things like you.


Wow, thank you so much. I am thinking because my job might require to travel sometimes. I am so scare of driving in PP (quite chaotic much more than in Việt Nam). It is really good if I can have 1 Tuk Tuk driver to help from beginning.
It sounds you love PP very much, ha?
I came PP once time and not very impressive, hopefully this time will be better.

Wow, it is reasonable price.  I might stay at Khan Toul Kok area. I will try to find a person to help me. Do you think it is safe for newbie to trust a driver from beginning? I feel a little worried as this is my first time to live alone.

I think with proper common sense you will be fine , so many nice Tuk Tuk drivers , I really think find goodone and keep him , lav lay is always out n front of my apartment 118/13 street , I think general problem is after dark in some of hostess bar areas , as I said before at dark I'm on my deck watching the city , and cnn , but I'm a few blocks from night market , old market area , and never have I felt un safe , just like ant other big city opportunist , but I have found Cambodians do not like thiefs so in more than one case as matter of fact many cases I have heard groups of people chasing down thiefs and giving them good beating while retrieving you stolen items , main suggestion from me if after dark get Tuk Tuk are taxi and ask him to wait untill he sees you get inside , after dark is main problem , I hear , gosh I'm American and am much more scared walking streets of San Francico, Los Angeles , Detroit.  New York , it's so much safer in Phnom Penh than in these city's , so you will be fine , don't hang out purse back pack camera etc , biggest crime against tourist is bag theft I have heard not murder like USA , be cautious , but defintaly not scared it will be fine even after dark , I find it to be pretty safe city

Ask nearby hotel or quest house or land lord these are your best references for good drivers , always agree on price before you step foot in Tuk Tuk , if you need names and numbers I know several really nice ones who will not try to sell you drugs , try to get you to pay more than agreed on , and will make a point to even walk you to door of your apartment , your land lords best interest is to find you nice safe driver , or any hotel , go to vacation boutique on 136 by riverside ask sok, he is manager , he will help you , but I would try your landlord first , I'm 60 year old man and they always think I need woman , so once I make it clear I just want a ride I've never had a problem , most of these Tuk Tuk drivers are married and have small children , just trying to make a living , I always give then a couple 1000 extra reil , wow a whole 50 cents in USA $ and they need it and won't forget you

I much fore feel peaceful in my mind, thanks.
Well  noted with your advices.

What are your interests in PP?

Hey all,

Happy to have found this website! I will be moving to Phnom Penh in December for work. I have already taught overseas in South Korea and I'm really excited to be venturing out again! Even though I still have time till December, I am familiarizing myself with places for rent around the Toul Kok area (I guess nearest intersection would be Angkor Blvd and Street 528). Any tips or advice would be much appreciated!!!

Thanks so much,


I am in Toul Kok area, and being inside Sangkat Beoung kork. Dont have much experiences here. Just was told should stay inside house rather going out,

Hi I am Stephen, currently in the south of France, moving to Cambodia in December, I am an online language teacher so will keep working as usual while in Cambodia.
I will be looking for an accommodation, house or apartment which I would like to share, if anyone, male or female is interested in sharing with me, we can meet on skype and see if we are compatible and even can become great allies! A home with swimming pool would be great between $500 and $750 with of course 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms... so that would be $250 to up to $400 each.
I will arrive in Phnom Penh on Dec 13th, will be in hotels until January 11th, home hunting then will hopefully have found the place and the roommate by then.
The only thing is that my roommate would preferably be a non-smoker.

Hi there there are a few of us who want to move permanently to Cambodia next year. We will be going in Dec this year to a few places ..we have been told to get a tourist visa and a work visa by the consulate here in South Africa. They say once you have moved there you are able to extend your 1 year Business visa from within the country?

Excellent Ant please let us know how it works out. There are 5 of us guys emigrating there from South Africa next year, we going this Dec to check out where we wanna stay and what we wanna do there, if anything.

Hi I'm from the UK, just found this fantastic site. Am taking a career break in the next couple of months and will be heading to live in Cambodia for a year.

Hi Kel,
              Good for you, I will hopefully be doing the same next year but in my case for as long as i can.
hope things go well for you.

Kind regards


How about a Phnom Penh meet-up Saturday afternoon by the river?

Tonle Khmer near FCC at 4pm on 17 September anyone?

Hi Makewa
                      Nice idea, but I don't arrive until 24th Sep then off to Sihanouke Ville/Battambong  next day. however will be back in Phnom Penh for a few days early Oct. Maybe something can be sorted for then.

Kind regards


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Hey guys! My name is Richard, I'm 24 years old and have been to Siem Reap several times while working with an NGO, but now I'm here to stay! I love to run, draw, fish and read. I'm also looking for a job.  I have a BBA, and 1+ years of teaching experience.  I don't know how helpful that is though, but I guess I will find out! Feel free to hit me up! I love to chat and make new friends. I'll never turn down a good coffee. :)

Hello every one I am Arjjun, currently working in Afghanistan, never been to Cambodia but always wanted to visit the country.

I missed two opportunities as did not get leave from work, hopefully this time I will make it. I plan to visit SR and have a wander about and see the the Ankor Wot temples, the aim is also to do a advance recce to see if there is a possibility for me to get a job related to my profession and get some peace.
Thanks all.

Hi I Mr RAMASAMY. I am looking for local Cambodian who is interested in helping establish a Malaysian company seeking to go global. I am looking for pioneering people keen on establishing a network in Cambodia. Email me if you are interested.

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