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Thanks for the tips! Yesterday I went to City 2 and a big Carrefour in La bascule.

In the same company, for instance, do the prices differ from the city centre to the outskirts? Is it worth to go shopping in Anderlecht (I work there) instead of Elsene (where I live)?

Any of these supermarkets is significantly cheaper? Or the prices are similar between them?



I cannot be totally sure, as I shop locally
But if there are chains (such as those cited), the prices should be the same and not be affected by locations (unlike the rents based on locations).

Colruyt is told the cheapest if you compare the same brands.
Then Aldi, but the range of offers is limited, depending on the size of the Aldi you visit

Hi Ana,
if you are serious about for startup entrepreneurship to earn good and honest money please contact me by mail  xxx Greets Tony

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Hello everybody, I am Nicoletta, Italian, recently moved to Brussels but have bene living in different places before. I can offer my friendship, my music, because I am a pianist, and my services for different situations, such as moving, photoshoots, video etc! Hope to hear from you!

Hellooo Nicoletta  :) my name is nart... We can be friends... Let's catch up suis tifa 36ans j'habite à paris origine marocaine.j'aimerais rencontrer des gens qui habite à Dubaï ou ils ont déjà visités Dubaï.merci de votre réponse

Hi, my name is Viola from Malaysia. I'm 36. Planning to move to Belgium to start a new life and hope to find job.

Hellooo viola... My name is nart... I have been in Belgium for one year and still looking for a job, hope you will find a job here and good luck  :)

Really.....mmmm.....hope you'll get a job soon...

Thank you

You too

Anyways most welcome in Belgium

Hi, I'm Giorgia, I will likely be moving to Brussels with my boyfriend in May 2017. He works as a barista and I work in marketing. We're both young (21 and 23) and he was offered the opportunity to work as a barista at a coffee shop in Belgium so we thought, why not! We have quite a few questions re. Work conditions (holiday pay guidelines etc) and cost of living in Brussels that hopefully people can answer for us so that we can make our decision of whether to move or not  :)


Just joined and great to be here - I'm Levente, it seems soon moving to Leuven for the first time in my life,


Hi people !
I'm Andreea , from Romania , 22 years old and I live in Belgium from about 2 years ago,artist(if I can call myself like that) I like drawing ,painting , sketching , sculpt sometimes , crafts,etc  ,but I was looking for some guitar lessons and I found this website , very nice to meet you all . 😊 :idontagree:

Hey, I'm Vesna from Slovenia, 29 years old and I'm moving to Belgium (Waregem) this week. I'm graduated social worker and I'm looking for a job as nanny/babysitter or something similar.. I just love working with kids! :)

Hello ':) i found out that u are au pair also ':) from where?  Im shaira im 19 years old..

Hey, I'm from Slovenia.. still looking for a job as a nanny/babysitter or sth similar.. you are an au-pair? :)

hi iam isaac from south africa and will love to move to belgium next year. iam looking to meet people.

Hello! My name is Maria and I'm looking for interesting art projects in Brussels)) ready to create!

Yes..  .hope to see u in pers0n ':)

Hello everyone. .. :cheers: I'm Tanager I'm from  Guyana South America  ... I'm new here  in Belgium far so Gud. ....So  who wanna be friends with me  :)

hi every one, i am isaac living in south africa and iam moving to belgium very soon. i would like to make friends. please feel free to write to me.

I am from brussels when come brussels contact me xxx

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thanks brother, i will contact u when i come to belgium next. hope u are fine?

thanks for accepting me here.
hi im Sheena,28years old,i am from Philippines.
actually ,right now im in Saudi Arabia,waiting my contract to be done next year at the month of May. i choose Belgium as my second destination. hoping to meet new friends.

Hello I'm Connie from Philippines...looking for a new friends here,Filipina....I live now in Zottegem....

Hy Maria , I am looking for this type of activities too 😊

Hi, I'm Ashmita, just moved to Brussels from India. Looking to meet like minded people to explore Brussels with and have a good social circle of friends. :)

Hi Ashmita,

Working as a software professional in Brussels.
You can connect me ***
Keen to knowing you for going forward .


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Hello everyone,

My name is Maya, I come from Slovakia, I have turned 25 recently and I have been living here in Belgium (Ghent) for +- four months. I would like to meet somebody who is interested in hanging out for a drink, museum visit or some sport.
I am an easy going and positive person (most of the time) :), I am keen on languages (especially Dutch), music, culture beer and sport.

Looking forward to meet you!

Hi Levente,

how do you like Belgium so far? Still in Leuven? :)

Hello there ! I am a newbie .... originally from Singapore .... i am chinese and recently married my Belgian husband . We moved here from Singapore with our poodle . It would be lovely to start planting some roots here with new friends :-)

Hi all,
My name is Mark and I'm from England, we've been here 3 long years.

i  amGrace nyambura from kenya 26yrs old looking for acompany which can sponser me to come and work in belgium xxx

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Hello I am Joy
I am a student at Artevelde University college.
I am doing my bachelor thesis about intercultural communication. It should be a guide for Flemish people that shows them how to communicate and work effectively with Indians.
In order to finish my bachelor thesis successfully, I am looking for Indian expats who are living in Ghent or elsewhere in Flanders. I would like to do an interview to get more practical insights.

Please contact me on my email if you would like to help me out and have an interview with me.

I would love to meet you,



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@ Joy > Just to inform you that this thread is for the introduction of new members. :)

I invite you to post an ad in the Looking for testimonies in Belgium section, it is more appropriate for your search.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi there!

I'm Asma from Algeria, I'm 24 years old and I'm living in Belgium since September 2015. I would love to meet  people who want to hang out and go for touristic tours anywhere!

I love languages, I'm learning currently Dutch and Korean :D.

I love technology and social sciences, but I like cooking, watching movies, listening to music and dancing even though I'm not good.

I'm looking forward to meet you all.

I am an Iranian with a PhD. of English language and literature.

Ok, I will!

Thank you Priscilla!


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