Part-time job for a student

Hi! My name is Nicolas, and I'm looking for a part-time job in Utrecht. I currently study law at the University College of Utrecht and I'll graduate in a year. I've got experience in supermarkets and butcheries however, I'm looking for a new challenge. I'm a fast learner and I speak English, French, Greek, Spanish and I have a good understanding of Dutch.

Hello there Nicosts,

Welcome on board  :)

I suggest you read the following article Work in Utrecht  and drop an advert in the Jobs in Utrecht so that you get a real opportunity.

All the best

Hi Bhavna,

For real, does anybody get a job from posting adverts? Just curious if that has ever worked for anyone here in the forum...


Hi Gracie,

To be honest, very few (if any) people come back to the Forum and leave any feedback regarding job searching.  That said, people are taking the time to post available jobs in our job link, so I can only assume they are doing it in good faith.

How about you give it a try and then leave us your feedback of how you got on?

Best of luck.

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