Kuwait Visa Query

Would appreciate your inputs regarding Kuwait visa.
My husband is being offered a position in Kuwait and his visa is valid for 3 months say till 15 Feb 2016. Will there be any issue if he chooses to fly into Kuwait on 14 Feb or 15 Feb?
Thanks in advance!


if he received  Work visa and he should enter the country between 3 month and last day is 15thFEB so he should be here before 15th

if he has a visit visa for 3 month and last day is 15th FEB so he should be in country much earlier and leave the country before 15th FEB


Thanks for your reply! Am not sure about type of visa as its 90% in Arabic though I presume its work visa. Also its written on the visa that Residence is allowed for 2 months from entry!

The 2 months is misleading. It 2 months to use it to get into the country I think. Its valid for 3 months.

Also it comes down to his nationality.
For instance a UK citizen can enter and leave the country unlimited times, each time getting a new visitor 3 month visa on arrival.

There is a minor problem that occasionally they may insist that you have an onward flight booked to leave the country if you come on a visitor visa. This has only happened to one person I know and I have entered and left the country several times.

When are the Kuwait shoon visas open?

Can someone help me
In my Kuwait visa my latin surname is wrongly spelled but Arabic is ok what to do with this ??

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