Moving to Stuttgart, Germany for 1 Year time


Is there anyone who can help me to get a flat near to leinfelden, Stuttgart, germany. or if someone has flat for rent, kindly ping me back

- Duration for 1year to 2 year time.
- Moving with my family


Hi Fastersaec,

Welcome to the Germany forum!
Finding accommodation in Stuttgart is difficult. It is unlilkely anyone on the forum has a place for you, so you need to consult other sources like online ads ( and are good) or engage a property agent.
There is no point in starting your search before arrival: German landlords are conservative and will never agree to give you a place before meeting you (only scammers will!), neither should you take a place you haven't seen.
Renting cycles are long: The minimum termination notice (stipulated by law) is three months and most places are advertised and quickly taken up soon after notice is given - a long time before move-in.
This means you need temporary accommodation for the first few months. A hotel, Bed & Breakfast or short-term serviced apartment is a good option here.
When viewing a place and during contract negotiations, you should take a German-speaking friend along, as there are many things to settle and many pitfalls to avoid. Also have the contract checked by an expert (Mieterverein or lawyer) before signing).
And as for rental costs, consult a Mietspiegel (official survey of rentals) published by most municipalities in regular intervals. The Mietspiegel for Stuttgart is a year old - so expect rents to be quite a bit higher due to the current housing shortage - and available (for a fee) in print at the town hall or electronically at

Good luck,

I just noticed that you wrote "duration 1 - 2 years".
In this case, it is better to NOT tell the landlord about it - just pretend you plan to be here for the long term (you are allowed to change your plans later and terminate the rental contract with 3 months notice then)!
Ger,man landlords generally want long-term tenants and your chances are much lower if they know you'll be here only for a year or two.

thanks guys.. i got a help from my comp and i got apartment near by reinsburgstr..

Congratulations on getting a place. Having your employer help you with this is a REAL plus. One would almost expect it since the situation for someone moving from a foreign land is so difficult but as one reads often on this site, it's often not done. Anywhere in the Reinburgstrasse is going to be fairly central and within walking distance of shops, markets and restaurants although less so at the upper end of the street.

There are buses that run along Reinsburgstr. and S-Bahns stations at Schwabstrasse and Feuersee. Right along the Reinsburgstr. is the Karlshöhe, a very pretty park built on a high hill with great views of the surround neighborhoods. A nice place right in the city for a walk or run in the nature and a safe place for kids to play. I live in this general area, so if you have more questions about the surroundings, just ask.

Also, there is a shop specializing in Indian foods called Indian Shop at Augustenstrasse 63 just a block from Reinsburgstr. and a good Indian restaurant called Ganesha 2 blocks away at Rotebühlstraße 155, 70197 Stuttgart. Ganesha has a pretty reasonably priced all you can eat buffet at lunch time during the week. :o)

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